UPDATE: Solved, and now MORE ISSUES :) Borderlands 3 and External Digital Audio Converter (Had Sound, Now don't have sound)

EDIT: For some reason, B3 requires me to hit the volume control up or down before restoring sound. Windows applications (besides B3) now use the USB DAC properly.

Own DLC’s and both Season Passes. Unable to access DLC’s and 4th skill tree. Yes, the DLC’s etc are loaded. In-game with the quest markers, requests that I purchase the DLC’s.

No in-game networking. Was working before. Did a fresh reinstall of Windows 10. All drivers up to date. Windows Firewall and AV are disabled. EOS is on C: Drive. on 5ghz wifi with Gbit Internet. SHIFT was showing up and now it is not.

Epic Game Launcher claims it is syncing. then complains files are newer on computer than in cloud. Had the issue awhile back of Epic losing my save files and many characters.

Yes, completely reinstalled B3 with DLC’s at a 144GB download. Still not working.

Tried various fixes. Nothing is working.

Filed support ticket.

----End Edit.

Used a FIIO M11 Pro with Borderlands 3 coupled to Creative Labs Gigaworks T20 Series II 2.0 speakers. Borderlands 3 was FANTASTIC.

Reinstalled Borderlands 3 after wiping computer. Windows 10 latest.

Now? The sound starts up until the 2K logo and then blanks out, no more sound for anything in Borderlands 3. Tried the usual fixes - turning off spatial sound in Windows. Turning on spatial sound in Windows. Etc. Nothing. Motherboard sound works though nowhere near the quality of the above setup.

Anyone with similar issues(?) and if you fixed it… how did you do so?

EDIT: After running Borderlands 3 and experiencing the issue, my PC now displays the same behavior across all programs. Sound will be heard for approximately 7 seconds and then stop working. Windows logs shows no issues and the driver is functional. Sound was fine immediately prior to running B3.

Thank you in advance.

For whatever reason, Epic won’t let you use this stuff in off-line mode. From the rest of your issues, it looks like that game is failing to connect to the internet since your re-install.

I know you said you’d disabled AV and firewall, but you might want to double-check the folder permissions. What’s the status of your router’s firewall? Is it possible the block is there?