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I typically delete my intro movie files due to the ridiculous volume, but they are back today. This usually indicates there has been an update and they were re-downloaded… however, I don’t see anything in the news headlines about an update. Can anyone confirm what happened with this today? Thanks.

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…just fired it up and caught it doing some update a minute ago:


Stealth update or has anyone seen notes?

I got an update today as well. Borderlands3.exe (both of them) has today’s timestamp on it. I also have manifest files with a timestamp from today in the .egstore folder. It could just be that someone accidentally pushed out a new manifest and there are no actual changes. That happens quite often on Steam. Though it typically wouldn’t overwrite any existing files in the package so… curious.

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Not sure but hotfix code is still using “configuration_version”:“1.168.186”, which lines up with the latest github posting of a hotfix, which was on the 5th.

Could be some tiny hardpatch was released though, who knows. edit—But looking at the details of the BL3 executable, shows last modified Nov. 21st. Which was the big patch.

Second edit to say I checked later on my .exe’s and now they say last updated Dec 10th.

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Well if they did push something new out (which seems doubtful), it certainly wasn’t a fix for guardian rank perks.

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Yeah, there were definitely new files, since my intro movies were restored… doesn’t mean there were any significant changes, but it would be nice to know what that was about.

I re-checked my .exe’s and now they say modified Dec. 10. Interesting. Must not have rolled out to everyone at once.

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That patch on PC changed the version from:
1.0.4 CL 2060134
1.0.4 CL 2060135
and it only downloaded 1.24MB.

(Edit: I keep Auto Update in Epic turned off and have BL3 installed on both a desktop and a laptop, so I can update them one at a time.)


I noticed that finally selected graphics settings stay on even after restarting the game (thank god) and the ram usage is half less than before, so they really changed something. Before it used over 16gigs after a while playing. Now it hovers around 8,4Gb.

EDIT: My bad. The game was changed from dx12 to dx11. Switched back to dx12 and it still eats alot of ram. Atleast the graphics settings resetting was fixed lol.

Definitely was an update. I wonder… could they now be doing updates without telling us what is in them just to avoid people complaining about what is or isn’t in the patch?

Who knows? Unless they put it in the patch notes/news there will be only conspiracy theories.