UPDATE: Xbox season 4 finals Sunday (5/20) at 8pm!

Hey BB players/fans,

I know that many here in the gearbox forums are mostly PS4/PC players…but I want to encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming finals matchup in our xbox BB league between team free shard of solus and team mouse trap. You are all welcome to join the stream (xboxbattlebornleague) on twitch. I plan to be very involved in moderating the stream to keep it civil as we all know competitve match streams easily can get out of hand. The match will be Sunday this weekend, May 20. We have enjoyed 4 seasons of league play over the last year and it has been fun to see it go on for so long. Just like last season, as this one comes to a close it is not clear if a season 5 will happen or not, so check out what may be possibly our last game (not sure to put a “!” or a :confused:)


I’m going to try and not forget this one like I’ve done with the last two match ups I’ve promised to tune into.

Already looking forward to it!

I will talk only a reasonable amount of ■■■■. Nothing excessive.

Sounds neat; I’ll try and make it, even if I know nobody there.

Can you post it on youtube? I have youtube account and would to see the link of the matches that took place. I play on PS4 but I’d like to see a good Battleborn match.

If you miss the stream at https://www.twitch.tv/xboxbattlebornleague you can watch the video afterwards here:

I may go overboard on the ■■■■ talking…

Reminder, game is starting right now!

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GGs, Xbox people! I managed to catch all three, and was entertained at work for an hour!

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