*Updated 04/10* Zarveyy Shop [Have]/[Want] (Looking for Hive) got all reccuring/mirv hex, diluvian, tons of anointed etc

Want :

Not Anointed :

  • MIRV Tacular Hex (cryo)

Anointed :

  • Hive (rad/corro) (125%splash dmg/100%dmg after action skill)
  • Queen’s Call (rad/corro) with +250dmg after phasecast
  • Queen’s Call (fire/cryo/corro/rad) with +100%dmg after action skill
  • Rowan’s Call(fire/shock/cryo) with +250dmg after phasecast
  • Rowan’s Call (rad/cryo) with +100%dmg after action skill
  • Crossroad (Fire/Cryo) with +250dmg after phasecast
  • Crossroad (fire/cryo/shock/rad) with +100%dmg after action skill
  • Laser-Sploder (fire/rad/cryo/shock) with +100%dmg after action skill or +50% elemental damage for the 2 next magazines (matching element only)/+125splash damage

Have :


  • Rad Rowan’s Call (+250%dmg after phasecast)
  • Shock Rowan’s Call (+100%dmg after action skill)
  • Fire Rowan’s Call (+100%dmg after action skill)
  • Rad Crossroad (+250%dmg after phasecast)
  • Fire Crossroad (+300%dmg after phaseslam)
  • Shock Crossroad (+250%dmg after phasecast)
  • Cryo Lucian’s Call (+250%dmg after phasecast)
  • Fire King’s Call (+250%dmg after phasecast)
  • Corrosive Queen’s Call (+250%dmg after phasecast)
  • Rad Queen’s Call (+100%dmg after action skill)
  • Itchy Flakker (125%splash damage after action skill)
  • Burning Flakker (125%splash damage after action skill)
  • Fire Double Penetrating Pneumatic Laser Sploder (+100%dmg after action skill)
  • Corrosive Double Penetrating Pneumatic Laser Sploder (+125%dmg after action skill on boss, badass etc…)
  • Adapting Ripper (+250%dmg after phasecast)
  • Binary Pertinent Cutsman (+50% cryo bonus)
  • Defrauding The Butcher (15%ifesteal) (corrosive)

Not Anointed

Assault Rifles

  • Rowan’s Call (shock)
  • Lucian’s Call (fire)
  • Cryo Kaos
  • Hawt Rapchury Sawbar (fire)
  • Breath of the Dying (corro)
  • Engufing Shredifier (shock)
  • High Capacity Warlord (corro)
  • Itchy Bearcat (rad)
  • Shocking Star Helix (shock)
  • Shrinking Gratifying Laser-Sploder (cryo)
  • Burning Gratifying Laser-Sploder (fire)
  • Engulfing Ferocious Ogre
  • Burning Try-Bolt (fire)
  • Shrinking Try-Bolt (cryo)


  • Hostile Crossroad (fire)
  • Auditing Crossroad (cryo)
  • Arctic Tamed Night Hawkins (cryo)


  • Burning Flakker
  • Itchy Flakker
  • Flakker
  • Cash-Infused Brainstormer
  • Cash-Infused The Butcher (shock)
  • Premium Firesale Polybius
  • Auditing Conference Call (cryo)
  • Cocky The Boring Gun


  • Double Penetrating Devastator
  • Double Penetrating Potent Raisen’s Thorns
  • Double Penetrating Breeder
  • Double Penetrating Echo
  • Queen’s Call (cryo)
  • King’s Call (fire)


  • Bloodletter (Moze)
  • 3 Phasezerker (Amara)


  • Lav Front Loader
  • Re-Router
  • Generator Red Card
  • Resonant Black Horn
  • Adrenaline Rough Rider
  • Rough abd Tumble Stop-Gap
  • Buttressed Rectifier
  • Mercenary Whisky Tango Foxtrot
  • Echidna Nova Berner
  • Black Hole
  • Riposte Impaler
  • The Transformer
  • Bullet Buffet Re-Charger


  • Recurring Hex (cryo/rad/shock)
  • MIRV Storm Front
  • Hex
  • Quasar
  • Firestorm
  • Nagata
  • Surge
  • Tina’s Hippity Hopper
  • Widowmaker
  • Red Queen
  • Generator Tran-fusion Frag Grenade
  • Rain Firestorm
  • Diluvian Firestorm


  • Corrosive Stone Deathless
  • Snowdrift Safeguard
  • Snowdrift Moxxi’s Endowment
  • Elemental Projector Otto Idol

I’ll keep adding items, post your psn, the item you have and the one you want. I’ll try to answer asap, my timezones is CEST so don’t worry if i’m not answering instantly. I’ll mail you the item first and you’ll mail me your item after me. :slight_smile:

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What’s the Diluvian Firestorm do? I’ve yet to see one.



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*Guitar noise with mouth *

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Sit back while I play you this sick mouth guitar solo!


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Can I see a picture of your MIRV storm front?

sure whats ur psn ill send u a screenshot

It’s the same on here

I want Rad Rowan’s Call (+250%dmg after phasecast)
I have Lucian’s Call(250% / 300%) and a lot of 250% / 300% anointed weapons.
My psn id: Seon-hong
Plz send message to me :slight_smile:

sure i’ll add you, what weapons do you have

King’s call(250%/300%)
Night Hawkin(300%)
Butcher(300%) Flakker(300%)
Lyuda(250%/300%) …etc

Are those all Phasecast anointments?

Drop by my shop if you like. I’d be interested in an anointed King’s Call, Butcher, Lyuda, and very interested in Flakkers.

check your mail

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LEGEND! Thanks :smiley:

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Im interested in a Phazerker mod. I have a shock laser sploder to trade.

I Have a Mirv Hex thats rad also have a shock lase sploder. Still got Elemental Projector Otto Idol?

Psn SupremeOGKush
I’m looking for Diluvian Firestorm, I have lots to trade!!

Have Double Penetrating Shock Laser Sploder. U want?