[Updated 1/8](H) Good weapons, class mods and artifacts (W) low level Ruby’s Wrath, x20 Anarchy + list in comments

Been awhile since I last played and I have a lot of good gear. Looking to trade for certain items.

Artifacts & Cosmetics: https://imgur.com/gallery/KA31xx1

Class Mods: https://imgur.com/gallery/GibkQ6N

Weapons I: https://imgur.com/gallery/bXVgq2k

Weapons II: https://imgur.com/gallery/BrKhFrY

Shields & Grenades: https://imgur.com/gallery/mxT6jRz

Looking For

ASE 100 Melee / Phaseslam 200 Melee

  • Corrosive x4 Linoge (+120% Melee)

ASE 100 Weapon Damage / CH1%

  • Sand Hawk (ASE 200 Splash OK)
  • x20 Anarchy (ASE 200 Splash OK)

ASE 200 Splash

  • x2 Ion Cannon (any except fire or NE)

ASE Bonus Element

  • Riposte Stinger (matching anoint)
  • Lv65 Killswitch Shield (prefer rad or cryo)
  • Longbow Quasar (prefer rad or cryo)


  • Low Level Ruby’s Wrath
  • Ice Breaker Otto Idol with +cryo efficiency
  • Ice Breaker Static Charge with melee rolls
  • Elemental Projector Splatter Gun with +shotgun damage

If you don’t have anything on my list, I’m open to Lv65 groll artifacts, Siren class mods, or PSN gift cards. Make an offer!

I got a rad backburner with splash i can give out, ive been searching for a raging bear with splash and action skill damage.
Oh and the mindsweeper with 5+ TCP as well.

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I got

X2 kaoson fire
Ch reflux

Fire MOARR Linoge

Rad and Cryo Backburner splash

Shock Old God
Red Suit (bonus rad)

I want some classmods

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Hi there I have the its piss grenade with ogt anoint, im after your rad old god with rad ase. My psn is kirkvisa. I can send out later today after work if that suits you

I actually just picked up that grenade. Got anything else from that list?

I have the shock old god and elemental projector white elephant, and possibly the driver or phasezerker with melee

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I have elemental projector, shock stone and rad stone white elephants, and the phasezerker and driver with melee. I also have a fish slap with bonus shock and a cryo plaguebearer with splash

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i have a level 57 phasezerker with 3 anima and 1 in each other skill with passives 32 splash 56 melee and 6 grenades.
would you trade your level 57 primeval meditative phasezerker with 2 conflux and 2 clarity and 2 anima with passives 28 weapon 56 melee 35 shotgun damage for it?
that mod is perfect for the facepuncher amara im working on.

i also have a level 50 elemental projector white elephant with 25 melee 29 shock resistance and 8 movement speed.
also found a level 57 cryo stone white elephant with 20 shotgun damage 34 shock resistance and 20 cryo damage
if either of these interest you can i get the o.p.q system with 50/150 rad and/or the seein dead with 37 smg 36 action skill and 28 magazine size?

I have a cryp white elephant


I’ll send a pic when I get home!

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i have
kinetic kaoson 5000x2 n2m 100corrosive
phasezerker with 56 melee 35 cooldown and 34 accuracy
phasezerker with 56 melee 11jackobs damage and 20 dmg reduction
shockstone white elephant with 11 mov speed 36 incendiary res and 3943 shield
corrosive stone white elephant with 36 cryo res 35 electrocute chance and 18 reload spd
spiritual driver 3943 shield 59 melee 12atlas weapon damage
ele proj white elepahnt 21rad damage 352health regen 43aoe damamge
let me know if u need those im looking for an action skill start stinger

online id - andrulospecial

I might have a stinger. Do you have a Frontloader shield with rad damage?

Good morning, vault hunters. I have updated my albums and LF list

i have couple more items
fire stone white elephant 34 melee 36 rad res and 21shock dmg
shock stone white elephant 34 melee 21corrosive dmg 36 incendiary dmg
and even tho its not on the list i have a
shock stone static charge 21 rad dmg 21shock dmg 34melee (this is quite nice for mobbing with a FP)

@owl23 sorry i have a couple of frontloaders but no rad dmg. ill let u know if i find one

adding you both

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Its fine. What abiut a mitosis hunter seeker grenade?

Albums and LF lists are up to date

I have this Mitosis Hunter-Seeker. Interested?

Would like to trade for this Cosmic-Stalker :grinning:

My PSN: Mads_J

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Hi man, i have level 1brawler ward, stingers ASS, double donner. Very interested in your flak coms( bounty hunter with shotgun damage ans cosmic stalker)

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