[Updated 1/8](H) Good weapons, class mods and artifacts (W) low level Ruby’s Wrath, x20 Anarchy + list in comments

Sent you a dm


So I have a psycho Stabber with the ase melee and 300/90 anoint it’s better then a linoge. I’m interested in your cosmetics. I have to drive my brother to work though so I won’t be logging in until about 9am pst.

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Wonder if people still use the Recursion

Not really anymore, there is other shotguns now that do much better dmg even to groups of mobs that recursion really fell off.

So unfortunate. I had a x2 with the right prefix, elements and anoint. And Randy just took it away from me lol


Got corrosive stone white elephant with melee and splash damage. And some shields(transformer, back ham…) with terror ammo regen. Interested?

I’m down for the corrosive stone if it’s Lv65. I have a Lv60 god roll but I wanna upgrade

I’ll send you now. You don’t have any COMs in your bank?

Oops, didn’t realize they weren’t posted. Updated the OP; thanks!

Sent you the stone. :wink:

Would you be interested by any of those? I d like to trade for your fire mitosis hunter seeker

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Hey, trade you for the Rebel Front Loader

Alright will send request psn RHAAAALoovely

I forgot to choose, i’m taking your atom balm deathless mate.

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I’ll be home in like 2-3 hours then I got you

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Me again😁. I have 250% phasecast sandhawk full auto, corrosive and shock. And an other one corrosive ASE fire. Also have corrosive mitosis hunter seeker ASE fire. Tell me if you want it

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Happy Bloody Harvest, vault hunters. Lists have been updated; let me know if you see anything you like!


I’m interested in your beacon ase 200 splash and your lvl 50 phasezerker with splash radius and no conflux.

I’ve got that linoge and a anarchy ase 200 splash but kinetic. I could also offer an plus ultra with ase terror yourself and terror ammo reg
Lmk if your Interested :slightly_smiling_face:

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