[Updated 1/8](H) Good weapons, class mods and artifacts (W) low level Ruby’s Wrath, x20 Anarchy + list in comments

i have:
corrosive stone white elephant with 24 smg damage 24 corrosive damage and 39 cryo resist
shock stone white elephant 28 element resist 62 mag and 38 melee
if either of these interest you can i get the
fire stone white elephant 27 AS cooldown 34 melee 43 AoE damage
radiation stone white elephant 27 AS cooldown 34 melee 43 AoE damage
also would you trade the riposte stinger with ASS for my brawler plus ultra with ASE action skill cooldown 20%?

Hello! I have an Old God (Shock) - ASE Apply Terror. Would like to trade for your Rad Stone White Elephant with cooldown/melee/AoE perks.

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Not really what I’m after but I’ll see if I can get those duped

Yo who has an extra Lv65 Peashooter?! Not trying to reset my missions :joy:

Hmm maybe you’re lucky, I think I got one

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Really appreciate this community

Next topic… who has these corrosive and shock mitosis hunter seekers with matching anoints…I know they’re out there, you cowards. lol

Haven’t downloaded season pass 2, but I have and am open to trading for Arms Race gear with meta anoints or passives.

I got x8 1%CH Convergences fire and corro. I think I also got a Mitosis Hunter Seeker Corro with matching ASE. Want them ?

I’m down for the corrosive convergence and Hunter Seeker! Let me know what you’re after.

Will trade two items for Lv65 groll class mods and artifacts

Happy Bloody Harvest!

Hey old pal’,

some of ur items are making lovely eyes at me but firstly,would u be interested by the following :

  • consec hits Convergence x8 rad & shock
  • rad Anarchy x20 250% cast
  • Plasma coil 250% cast
  • Beacon X1 cryo/incendiary 250 cast


Yeah, all of them except the Beacon

Alright m8,will send it soon.
I would like in return ur 250 cast corro Sand Hawk + ur 250 cast cryo Monarch + ur Moxxi’s Embrace ASS & Loop of 4N631 ASS
About the Anarchy,i just checked and it’s a x18 and not a x20,sry man,still want it ? ( Remove one of the shields i asked if not )

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Definitely a few of these; can you just let me know the pellet count on your Rad/Shock Beacon and Trevonator?

What do you want for your beacon phasecast ?

Got god roll zane and amara new coms. Add me :wink:

Phasecast Light Show and CH Tizzy / Boogeyman

Anybody got a spare Lv65 M10 Seventh Sense?

I don’t have much as i just started playing again for the dlc.

I would love a copy of:
Both redundant facepunchers
Facepuncher with Terror Anoint
Amara Muse mod
All the Kaos ARs

PSN: Tw1st3d_icecr3am

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