UPDATED 11/10 - LF lvl 65 Mayhem 10/11 Items

rad please

Item is sent. Thanks for waiting.

thank you and no problem.

i have a kinetic and a fire monarch 50/150 both x4
interested in the breath of the dying cons hits
adding you, my psn - andrulospecial

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Check your psn inbox😉

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UPDATED 09/19 - added LF items and trade inventory.

I have a flipper with urad and a cmt ogt 25. Still looking for both?
I’m interested in your Flipper Shock/Corr SNTL 100
And redistributor shock sntl cryo, if so.


Ill send the Flipper Shock/Corr SNTL and Redistributor Shock SNTL later on today. I’m pretty sure were friends on PSN already.

i haveSeptimator Prime 、Convergence(50/150)
need Redistributor rad corr sntnl

Ill send the Redistributors Rad and Corr SNTL later on today. Cheers!

:ok_hand:,mailed you.

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Flipper and cmt sent
it was a bit laggy hope u got them tell me if not

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Do you care about lvl of mods/artifactsa

It has to be lvl 65

Items sent. Thanks a bunch.

Items sent. Cheers!

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What would you like for that class mod?

perhaps some convercnege x8 Sntl?

UPDATED 9/22 - new weapons, shields and class mods.