Updated 2.april LF highroll spiritual driver (lvl50+)

Has to have at least:
+3 mindfulness
at least one weapon damage/crit damage
at least one pistoldmg/smgdmg/maliwandmg similair good ones , multiple prefered.

open to variations
please post offer below - will check during EU daytime


phasezerker lvl 50
25% weapon damage
18% crit damage
31% pistol damage

all items below lvl57

Legendary Love drill
100% cryo sentinel

100% damage taken after rakk

cutpurse white elephant
20% rad dmg
31% melee
30% cryo res

shady sonic boom infiltrator
21% crit
51% jakobs crit
56% jacobs accuracy

ase 125% to bosses

spring epicenter
ase 50% shock with weapons for 10s

Powerhouse Redistributor corrosive
100% cryo - sentinel

250% after phasecast or 100% ase

deluxe babymaker corrosive
160% splash after leaving IB for 16 sec

Lob cryo
50% fire ase 2 next magazines
12.5K base damage

bump - updated offers
for a few of these i will probably ask for pretty good stats (the infiltrator in particular)
feel free to offer