[Updated 30 Nov] LF Various - Trading List Provided

Looking for a bunch of items - Specific details and trade list on spreadsheet, there are multiple tabs including Weapons/Grenades/Class Mods/Artifacts.

Ice Breaker Static Charge
Clairvoyance Masher
Plasma Coil
Boom Sickle
Light Show
Thug x2
Stagecoach x25
The Pearl
Front Loader
Dark Army
Various Class Mods

Trading Lists Spreadsheet Link

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Yeah, my PSN is NineteenSquid00, what you want to trade for them?

Sent you the items just now

Received, cheers!

i get out of work in about 2 hours. i think i have some stuff you are asking for. ill let ya know when i have an update.

what i have:
light show kinetic consecutive hits
brawler ward 300 melee lvl 50
reflux consecutive hits
face puncher consecutive hits. both regular and redundant
im interested in:
hellshock gamma burst
hellwalker both the gamma burst and urad
double penetrating redline urad
cosmic stalker 3 hunters eye 2 big game

Is the brawler ward 100% melee anointed?
I’ve now got a consec hits face puncher, do you have a x14 pellet 300/90 one or a good class mod instead?

Already have you on psn, so sent the items across just now.

got some thanksgiving stuff to work on. hopefully i can check things within a few hours to see what i got as far as class mods and details on the brawler ward.

brawler ward is not anointed. sorry, i overlooked that in your spreadsheet.
i dont have 14 pellet 300/90 facepuncher. just a 7 pellet.

class mods i have you might want:
phasezerker. with 5 anima and 22 weapon crit 33 splash and 29 weapon damage
driver with 3 mindfulness 2 helping hands and 32 splash 35 AS cooldown and 56 melee
dont think i have anything else good unless there are specific in class mods you need

Hey mate I have god rolled muse and kensei class mods if your still looking? I’m after your front loader w 20% action skill cooldown rate, also after 150asa fishslaps

Okay no worries, yeah I’ll take that phsezerker cheers.
At the moment I’m looking for any decent DLC4 and Arms race class mods for any Class.
Any Ice Breaker Static Charge for now, but obvs want a god role ideally.

Then crit/damage focused Fl4k mods and melee/splash focused amara class mods.
There’s a brief list at the bottom of the sheet if you’ve got any of them?

Yep still looking mate, add me on PSN and we’ll sort a trade

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sent the phasezerker. ill look my stuff again. i did pick up some melee/splash gear and ill send you pics of anything i have that at least looks useful

Sweet man will add you now. I’m not home for another 7 hours till after work. But when I jump on ill send you a few god rolls of each :call_me_hand:

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Great, recieved thanks.
Can you send over the lightshow and reflux also?

yes. give me a few minutes. testing a new build in the maliwan raid. ill send them after i die or kill wotan

okay cool haha good luck!

sent the light show and reflux

Got them, cheers!

I have a lvl 65 432% unforgiven w-300/90, and a urad tizzy(rad) / if you still need a 300/90 x14 facepuncher i can do that too; I’d be interested in trading for shock fishslap (20% IB) and the cutpurse white elephant (24% rad/elec chance/melee)