(UPDATED 7/12) LF lvl 60 Artifacts, Class Mods and Shields

Ill send you the Root Rad/Corrosive SNTL cryo within the next hour.

mailed you

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Updated 6/28 with new weapons for trade.

LF Light show Rad sntnl 100 and Recurring Hex cryo 25 on throw

Offer you light show cryo sntnl 100
And Redistributor shock sntnl 100

PSN kenet888

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Would u like a rad license stnl cryo?

Got a corrosive redistributor sntl 100 for your stone thrower masher 50/150, interested?

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I have these flippers if you are interested.

Rad/Shock IB 2mags Fire
Cor/Shock ase100 2magshock
Rad/Fire ase100 2mags cor
Cor/Shock 50/150rad
Cryo/Cor ase100 2mags fire

Ill take the following…
*Cor/Shock ASE 2 mag shock
*Cor/Shock 50/150rad
*Cryo/Cor ASE 2 mag fire

Not too sure if were PSN friends yet. Let me know what items you want.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

Hi there. I have recursion x2 shock, cor. I’m after your root ase 100

What is the anointment on the Recursion x2?

Ase 100. Sorry forgot to say

No worries. PSN me and ill send over the Root Ase 100.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

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Alright I’ll add you now. My psn is kirkvisa. I wont be on for another 8 hours as I’m at work. But will send it after if that suits you

no prob. ill send the gun over soon

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I sent the Root ASE 100 over. Whenever you get the chance. Cheers!

Thanks! Will be home later today. Roughly 4 or 5 hours so will send then

Im interested in the following guns:

Unkempt Harold x3 shock ase fire
Stonethrower Masher 50/150
Spade shock ase shock

Im not sure if we are friend either. Ill try to add you after this.

PSN jdmishima

Sent the 3 items over. Thanks for the trades.

When you get the chance can you send the Flippers. Cheers.

All sent! Sorry for the delay

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