[Updated 8/12](H) Light Shows, XP relics, Class Mods, and other meta/DLC gear (W) List in comments

We’re back, again. Please have a look and let me know what you have to trade.

Heads/Skins/Siren COMs: https://imgur.com/gallery/ebCobLa

COMs (everyone else)/Artifacts: https://imgur.com/gallery/cclqL6k

MODDED Items: https://imgur.com/gallery/C9hRi5w

Pistols: https://imgur.com/gallery/QA4XO2v

SMGs/ARs: https://imgur.com/gallery/EOZGQzV

Shotguns/Snipers/Launcher/Shields/Grenades: https://imgur.com/gallery/CuLnmly

Also have a lot of Lv57 Monarchs, Backburners, Plaguebearers and other top gears if you don’t mind them being under level.

Edit: Updated 7/24


Looking For

100 ASE

  • x20 Anarchy
  • x2 Kaoson
  • Radiation Proprietary License

200 Splash

  • x2 Beacon (Rad/Cryo preferred)
  • Backburner
  • Shrieking Devil (Rad/any)
  • Complex Root

Next 2 Mags

  • x2 Recursion (“Spooling” prefix)

ASE Bonus Element

  • Old God (matching anoint)
  • Mitosis Hunter-Seeker (matching anoint)
  • Double Downer (bonus rad or cryo)
  • Red Suit (bonus rad)
  • Transformer (bonus rad)

Action Skill Start

  • Stop Gap

Lv60 COMs and Artifacts

  • Spiritual Driver (melee damage)
  • Elemental Projector White Elephant

Edit: Updated 7/24

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I 've got a x2 Spooling Recursion (consec. hits) corrosive/fire. Any interest

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Bump. Albums have been updated to reflect current inventory.


I can’t find a x4 nopewpew without Nova or 50/150…I’ll keep looking

Bump. Albums are up to date. LF list has also been changed.


are you interested in:
annexed scathing ion cannon 91988 x 2 kinetic ASE 125 splash 8 mag size
hazardous shrieking devil 9840 rad /cryo 300 against 90

Do you have a frozen snowshoe with ass break or fill?
Do not need anymore, interested in meditative spiritual driver and phaserker +5

I am interested in your kaoson X2 shock with sntl 100. I know its not on your list but I have a backburner 50/150 to offer.

I have a frozen heart with that anointment

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Hey again “french” mate,just wanna to tell u i have a 300>90 shock Backburner with 34922 damages,any interest in it or u already have this one ?

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Have one already, is there something you are looking for in particular

Ahah oupsi’,all my apologizes halinglis,i was talking to David !
To be more precise,he is my american french mate and u,u’re my canadian french mate,no misunderstanding in the future like that

no worries but I did see on your list a sand Hawk cryo sntl 100 i would be interested in, what are you looking for in order to get that one.

Do you have the rad kaoson sntnl cryo still?
If di what are you looking for I have been trying
To get one for 6 days.

Still got it; see the first comment for what I’m looking for.

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I also have a hyperfocus radiation with the 50/150 anointment

Also looking at the recurring hex ogt

Got a X2 cryo Ion cannon with ASE splash if you’re interested?

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