Updated and Deafened

I can always tell, immediately, on launching the game that there has been an update (like the one today), because the intro movies, which I remove, have been replaced and there is an explosion of sound because, apparently, the intro movies aren’t governed by your in-game audio settings.

I would really appreciate it if the default volume on these intro movies could be dramatically reduced before I have speaker or hearing damage.



From the patch notes today. Is this still happening? What platform are you on?

this is happening to me still to on xbox one. i have logitech z5500 speakers, and i get it from all the surround sound, i swear this game is out to make me deaf.

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Okay, one Phaseshift to the tech support section…
Could you submit a support ticket here:

I didn’t find the original volume on those an issue. They didn’t compare to the thunderous “IT’S ME! MARIO!” that went off when you started up Mario 64. lol

I’ll keep an ear out for it when I start the game up in a bit.

I’m sure they don’t need a ticket for this… it was “addressed” in today’s patch… it’s a known issue. They just need to take it down another 10 db.

Don’t forget to delete your intro movies after today’s Maliwan update if you don’t want to be blasted out of your chair.

What’d you say?!?