Updated Buff List

After extensive usage of all the weapons, here are all the weapons that notably need a buff.

  • Web Slinger - While this weapon is cool to use as a mobility utility. I think giving it damage potential for at least mobbing would be good.

  • Satisfaction - Great sticky damage boost.

  • Chandelier - Great damage increase for the amount of ammo consumption it has.

  • Plumage - Along with a general atlas RL buff, small damage increase.

  • Brightside - Increase weapon damage + accuracy increase.

  • Mother Too - Greatly increase drone and weapon damage and add scaling to drone.

As for base game weapons, the ones listed need a general damage boost to get them in line with rest of the weapons.

  • Vladof Assault Rifles

  • Atlas weapons (Pistols,Rocket Launchers) - Damage Boost

  • Dahl Weapons (Pistols, SMGs’) - Damage boost

  • Torgue Assault Rifles - Full auto + damage Boost OR Great Damage boost + keep semi auto

  • Ogre - Damage boost

  • Destructo spinner - Elemental Damage + Projectile Damage

  • Hanging chad - Damage boost

  • Echo - Boost sticky shot damage

  • D.N.A - Damage Boost

  • Multitap - ROF boost + 25% damage boost

  • Lyuda - Damage boost - This weapon is not in line with some of the other sniper rifles in the game and giving it a damage boost would still have it fall short of some of the other snipers. Returning it to its former version would be the best bet, maybe just a little weaker than it was before.

  • Trevonator - Damage Boost

  • ASMD - Greatly increase damage of electro-ball

  • Laser Sploder - Damage boost

  • Malaks Bane - Great Damage boost for its 2 shot ammo consumption.

  • Polybius - Damage Boost + Elemental Damage boost

  • Rebel yell - Damage boost

  • Breeder - Great damage boost to dropped stickies

  • Night Hawkin - Damage Boost

  • Redline - Damage boost for the amount of ammo consumption it uses

  • Infinity Pistol - Damage boost

  • Tunguska - Great damage boost

  • Lucian’s call - Needs damage buff along with its recent buff

Class Mods

  • Green Monster - Increase corrosive damage + add scaling.

  • Breaker - Add bonus shield and armor damage the closer the target.

  • Techspert - Increase to 18% chance to restore cooldown + increase sentinel movement speed and damage + clone damage.

  • Rakk Commander - 1 extra charge (or 2) + Bonus Rakk damage

Base game Shields

  • Messy Breakup - Buff Drone Damage, add scaling, make other elements more available.

  • Black hole - Add scaling damage for mayhem levels.

  • Rectifier - Shock Damage Boost + add scaling

  • Shooting Star - Increased summoned projectile damage + add scaling.

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Increase dropped IED damage + add scaling.

  • Rough Rider - For not having any shield, the bonuses are somewhat lacking. This is an example of where there are too many legendaries, if you were to combine this with the stinger, then that would be something worth using.

  • Back Ham - Needs some kind of offensive capability to enemies behind the player on top of its damage reduction. + Damage boost to enemies in front. Or high ammo absorption.

  • Asclepius - Needs more than just its single effect. (+50% elemental damage while depleted)

  • Rectifier - Greatly Increase electricity damage on broken shield + add scaling.

Skills/Augments Buffs

  • Buff Fl4k’s radiation aura damage augment.

??? xD


Yeah I thought I was trippin’ when I saw that lmao

probably mistaken the name with something else xD

The Stinger with a melee buff? Seriously? That shield is downright broken on Fl4k.

It’s like the Hellshock

thing is
its one of the strongest weapons in the game right now
so OP might have mistaken the name

Honestly, it could do with more than just a small damage boost. People have calculated that even if they increased the Lyudas damage by 10 times (aka 1000%) it would still not be the strongest sniper in the game. I’m not saying it needs to be quite that much, but at M10 you are looking at about 4k base damage depending on the parts and honestly, not a single sniper in the game should be below 20k damage at that point (and yes, that means quite a few other snipers need a damage boost, too) apart maybe from the Monocle which still needs more damage and considerably more crit from its bonus effect (currently 250% bonus, should honestly be at least 400)

Yeah, there are some things on this list that don’t belong.


Webslinger isn’t a damage dealer. It’s for wall-climbing and super-jumps. If you’re trying to kill stuff with it you’re missing the point.

Mindsweeper doesn’t need a buff. It’s pretty dang good as is.

Stinger. Action Skill Start anoint makes it broke as heck. You want to actually punch stuff, get a Brawler Ward.

On the other hand massive YES to Trevonator, Laser-Sploder and Lyuda buff. I miss those guns actually being good.


Add the Kaos to base game guns to buff plz

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Agreed, don’t buff mindsweepers. It’s insane with the right Moze using it.


I would recommend sniper rifles across the board. In BL2 there was a base +100% crit modifier with all sniper rifles that isn’t in this game. This would be a huge start to getting them where they need to be.


I use this with a mind sweeper Moze build just for the “reload speed when depleted” bonus, but I can tell 100% that the 35% base bonus isn’t enough for mayhem 10. If they allowed a second bonus part to roll, and maybe upped the damage and health bonus, it would be a much better shield.

Uhhhh Rakk commander com needs a buff or straight up removal from the game. Literally no reason to use it. Also Dominance needs a buff or a rework cause universally seen as a waste of a capstone except mayne like 1 or 2 people like it.


one of my favorite ones, the Flakker, is dealing shameful damage compared to other legendaries. As in, its not even dealing 10% healthbar damage.

This makes Torgue cry, man. The flakker is supposed to be that 1 clip damage monster by yours truly, TORRRRRGUE!!! And it barely even hurts because of low damage escaling for lvl 60 M10 enemies.

#make_flakker_great_again, cmon GB!


This is the second time I have seen someone post the Beacon needs a buff.
Either they have the name mistaken, or they don’t really understand the pistol.
It is definitely Top Gear on any VH. It is insane on my Moze (it has the consecutive hits anoint). My other Vault Hunters have other varied anoints but even in it’s base form it is quite formidable.

Mindsweeper most definitely does not need a buff.

Everything else on the list I agree with.
As others have stated, snipers across the board need to be brought up. Only a couple of exceptions to this.

Dahl ARs across the board, Atlas not an OPQ all need a damage buff.
Most Vladof ARs.

i dont know whats hard to understand about the beacon xD
the “effect” is just a side goodie
you aim, you pull the trigger, everything dies

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This is an excellent point In general. Wondering if maybe it would require a partially offsetting nerf to currently viable Snipers like Sand Hawk and Unseen Threat though; and whether it would make the Monocle better or even worse in relative terms.

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This was the primary thing holding E-tech sniper rifles back in BL2. On a crit, they automatically lost out on an extra 100% damage to a conventional barrel rifle. Not entirely sure why they didn’t include this in the damage formula for BL3.

because e-tech was special?
we need it back!

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