Updated Buff List

Umm what?

DAHL Fire rate
AAA 13.28/s
Hornet 13.28/s
Nemesis 15.75/s
Night Flyer 12.60/s
The Blanc 6.31/s

You can stack up to 350% damage on The Blanc. It does not need either buff.

its damage is…
it actually needs a nerf
thats what im saying
if you want to say that the nova needs a buff, you would have to be more specific

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Good point, maybe just a damage boost then.

Ok, good point.

How though? Fl4k does not do melee builds?

Try it, see for yourself lol

damage boost on the butcher so i don’t
have to use the lob for farming. :expressionless:

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Love that shotgun & miss using it (still hanging on to a cpl hoping for a sweet buff though!)

not referring to the gun…but rather that nova that is produced at reload.

Lyuda doesn’t need a damage buff, it needs a reverse to the nerf that it got when people were having fun with it and needs some better handling or something.

On Moze the Redline is only limited to the fact that torgue stickies disappear after some time. But if you know how to time it the redline can melt bosses fairly easily.

Video: https://youtu.be/M-XToX1eClY

That’s with some for the road and the Fire in the Skags Den… and on one of the weakest bosses, that isn’t called melting, that is called WEAK.


Check out this video from Glitching Queen …


Oh no a gun is good with a build for it. Pls buff so every vh is the same and there is no variety to game.

No, my point wasn’t that you need a build to make it work, my point was that even with a build it is weak :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine thinking a game with skills and unique weapons requires a build to make a gun work. Every gun must be able to 1 shot TTD M10 with no skill points on a level 1 character.


My .02 on class mods:

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Have you seen the video? One of the weakest bosses takes quite a while with an OP skill like Fire in the Skags Den and unlimited ammo, it’s not about 1 shotting… Fire in the Skag’s Den gives 93% per point in Incendiary Damage when you are on Mayhem 10, not what it says on skill card. That means at 5/5 you get 465% Incendiary damage when dealing splash damage on target which torgue stickies are for sure. Furthermore, Torgue stickies increase in damage the more you have on target, having unlimited ammo for 5 seconds with unlimited ammo “Some for the Road” putting in tons of stickies and it still took so long.

If you noticed I took off my pearl and other damage boosts. If you’d like I’ll post another full damage version tonight.

That’s still not the point, Pearl is not necessary for good damage, I’m running Amara with Ice Breaker / building around Frozen Rakk Fl4K as well and it works fine, weapon damage is not everything in the game especially when you have elemental multipliers which is a much bigger boost than just weapon damage. But again, Fire in the Skag’s Den is literally 93% incendiary damage on splash per point to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Zq6ybmEGRc
of course adding the 90% from Pearl will definitely help, but we’re still talking about one of the weakest bosses in the game and it took 12 seconds from when you started shooting, if you need that much of a setup to kill it in that much time, it’s not worth it. It’s a legendary, there are better non legendary weapons like the Bangstick.
Though I’ll be honest I’m not a big fan of Torgue, and Moze and Splash combination is annoying but necessary, I’d like it to not be necessary.