*UPDATED* Epanouia’s Request Store!

So, this is an updated post since I have a lot of items in my storage that I need to get rid of; I’m willing to trade for the items below or just give them out!


  • Queen’s Call w/ 2.2x Zoom (Radiation/Anointed Siren/Phaseslam 300%)
  • Undermining Crossroads w/ 2.6x Zoom & 10 crit. dmg & 44% Shield Capacity (Radiation/Anointed/Action Skill End, Crit. Dmg is increased by 25%)
  • Rowan’s Call w/ 1.7x Zoom & +21% crit. dmg (Fire)
  • Hostile Crossroad w/ 1.5x Zoom & 10% crit. dmg & 25% Shield Capacity (Fire)
  • Rowan’s Call w/ 3.3x Zoom & +21% crit. dmg +15% Weapon Fire Rate,+15% Reload Speed (Shock)
  • Cash-Infused Crossroads w/ +21% crit. dmg (Shock)
  • Lucian’s Call w/ 3.3x Zoom & 33% Weapon Fire Rate (Corrosive)
  • Auditing Crossroads w/ +21% crit. dmg & 25% Weapon Shield Capacity (Cryo)


  • Anointed Siren Guns & Anointed Guns
  • Legendary Amara Mods
    *Legendary Artifacts

My PSN is the same as here: epanouia


Care to list pics of your mods I have most of your wants

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I have some phasezerker mods and the epicenter grenade. I also have several shock/corrosive/incindiary cutsman smgs that are particularly potent with Amara (the cutsman may be one of the best guns in the game–I think a couple of mine have dots that are 4k+ dps).

Also; I have 3 flavors of the butcher (rad, cor and incindiary) that may be of interest.

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I’m booting up right now, so I’ll @ you when I post them here!

Msg me and I’ll give you my psn tag.

Add me and I’ll give you some gear when we are both online.

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Sent you a msg!

Bump, because I’m still looking for the weapons I listed above, mostly the Queen’s Call and the Rowan’s Call!! Please add me on PSN or send me a message to see gear I have available for trading!

Do you have a fire lyuda?..If not any lyuda would do since i don’t have one.

Psn Darnath Snowstalker

thank you!!!