Updated Gaming Room!

My wife and I bought our house about 8 years ago. And, in that time… I’ve dealt with a hideous purple colored office.
I’ve always hated it, but been to lazy to do anything about it.

But, at the first of this year we decided to finally improve the room. Repaint, move stuff, get some of my posters up… put up shelves… all sorts of spiffy stuff.
So, here be the final result…

The door and entry to the room…

My spare PC (and my cat… sleeping)…

My desk and primary PC…

Full view of the back wall, my desk and shelves above my desk… plus my awesome Borderlands poster. But, my Alan Wake poster is my favorite. It’s signed by Remedy.

And finally, a bookshelf full of… not book stuff…

Took longer then I anticipated, and cost more then I originally planned. But, it’s mostly done. Just need to do a little touch up work. Some trim around the base of the walls. And repair a few spots on the ceiling from water damage from a hail storm recently.
But… otherwise, done and spiffy.

So, anyone else got a gaming room/office? Pictures of the place you use to unwind and relax?


Whachu got against purple? :stuck_out_tongue:

Im jelly of all your nerd swag.

That Dalí-esque clock is awesome by the by.


Nice gaming room mate!

But be honest with us. The cat in the chair, is that you?

Have you turned in to a cat?

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I got nothing against purple. :wink: But, blue is my favorite color.
And yes… I love my clock.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Am I the cat? Well, that’s a story for a different day…

If I have coin, does Damien have wares?


Yeah. My own bedroom doubles as gaming room. I have some older pictures:

TV got replaced, and my PS4 now resides where the fat PS2 is in the picture:

Seen here, mostly:

Edit: not much has changed apart from what I mentioned. Although my CD collection got larger, and have a bit more merchandise.


Hot Damn. You’ve got the old GitS game for PS2. If that bad boy had online I’d be asking you for an arena match tonight.

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How shiny is that coin?

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It’s proudly shown next to my Genesis for a reason! Also, I suppose I could do some updated pictures.

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Very nice!


If I knew about this Damien, I would’ve offered to paint the room before you put up pictures. The color choice ain’t bad but something a little brighter.

I wanted something darker.
I looked at TONS of different shades of blue, but, the one I went with really grabbed me.

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Ah, I see.

Jealous of your Fear posters but you probably knew that. I’m especially jealous of the FEAR 2 one. Love that you keep the old PC boxes as well. I miss those.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:
Both my FEAR posters were gifts. Monolith sent me the FEAR 2 poster, along with the Monolith beanie that’s on the Borderlands mask… and the Armacham beanie on the stuffed pig.

Day1 sent me the FEAR 3 poster for helping on their forums. Love them all.
My favorite is my Alan Wake poster, just because it’s signed by Remedy. A friend worked there for a while, and got the team to sign it for me. I can look at it and be like “Sam Lake signed this.” :smiley:

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Nice set up man.

Fast shot, a bit old now.


This is the gaming section of my man-cave. Consoles are on the wooden shelves to the left, covered to avoid dust. The wires aren’t pretty, but it makes things easy. Off camera on the right I have more games and my DS & 3DS.


I’m still dreaming with my parents getting a WAY bigger house.

That’s a really nice set up.

The only time I will get a gaming room is based on one of two situations.

  1. I get rich, buy big house, finally have space or man cave

2)A loos of all social and family responsibilities
(why this would achieve the required space, I’m not sure the run up and proceeding fallout would be worth it)

Thankfully, I have a wife that is incredibly supportive of my hobby.
Most of the stuff in my game room has been bought over a LONG time… and a lot of it, bought buy her as gifts for me.

She told me once, she’s glad I’m a gamer. She never has to worry about where I am, or what I’m doing. I’m not out drinking, fooling around or getting into serious trouble.
I’m in the back room of the house… always there if she needs me or not. :slight_smile:

And, it took me some time to really get this room.
8 years in this house before getting around to doing it. And, then it was a couple months of planning, saving back money…

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