*Updated* Giving away free weapons level 50,61,72 and op8 you name it i will get them ready for you! Have both PS3 and the PS4 version

i have a full collection of all legendaries, uniques, pearls and seraph both level 72 and op8 and full collection of heads and skins for my over 3 years of gaming in bl2 thus I am willingly to part with them. Thanks for viewing

Psn louischua


great that your also active in the forums. nat_zero_six here.

I am more active on the old gbx forum actually buddy, good to see ya here too my bl2 buddy?!

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OP8 shock, corrosive, and incendiary omens (new and improved, or gentle prefixes preferably) if you have them would be nice. Need em for my hell born Krieg, and any Haige heads/skins you have. I’ve got enough for everyone else, but Gaige, not so much. PSN name is BackOffoRDie if you just wanna message/add me over there.

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Add my psn louischua I have them prepare for you. Thank you

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The request has been sent. Thank you in advance.

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Looking for Lv. 72 (or up to OP3 if possible) of the following;
-Legendary Anarchist Mod
-Shock and Corrosive Avenger
-Shock Storm Front

Will be online later (in about an hour).
PSN: Jody-Bryan

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Will get the items ready for you, you may want to have the longbow stormfront with 0 fuse time the shock stormfront may be a modded grenade mod. Thank you

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Yeah, that’s right. Just a habit calling it shock storm front.

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The cobra?

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Sure add me on psn and I have the item ready for you! Thank you

Hi, I’d love a set of Gromky Lyudas, a set of Banbury or Barking Pimpernels, and a Sticky Longbow Slag O Negative with the shortest fuse time possible. All in OP8. My PSN is RallyManUSA.

Sure I will have them ready for you just send me a message on psn and I will try to get online. Thank you

94% Sham, Practicable Corrosive Interfacer, Derp Ahab, and a Shock Puissant Norfleet if you could please, all level 72

Sure add my psn and I have the items ready for you. Thank you

Request sent, thank you very much

Updated weapons on level 72 and op8, giving both level gears away for free. Just post your psn id and the level of the gear you want and I have them ready for you! Thank you

Hey I was wondering if you have any Mechromancer/Psycho skins from Vermivorous? I do not know the names but I believe both have a purple and black color. Also do you have a lvl 72 butcher? PSN: UseABackspace, Ill send you a friend request.

Sure I have the items ready for you when I get online! Cheers buddy

You wouldn’t happen to have a 72 or op1 hide of terra? Lost my game data and attempting to recover. Getting my Zero to op8 solo from the top.