*Updated* Giving away free weapons level 50,61,72 and op8 you name it i will get them ready for you! Have both PS3 and the PS4 version

(Kimura6776) #21

Sure add my psn I have them prepare for you! Thank you

(Sanninfox83) #22

Im at work atm. But ill sign on soon as i get home. Thanks sooo much!

(Sanninfox83) #23

Request sent.

(nozlbj) #24

I keep waiting for someone to have a warning message saying watch out, this guy sent a virus or something but I haven’t seen one so let’s see. I’d like an OP8 tediore axton build so I’m after a fire avenger, fire fastball, fire baby maker and the tediore relic. The avenger is the only one I’d have real trouble farming but if you can help that would be great. Oh and the blue granader mod too since I’m sending out the wish list.

(Kimura6776) #25

I have all the above items except for the tediore relic cos I don’t play too much of axton, send me a friend request and I have the items prepare for you. Thank you

(Kimura6776) #26

I have updated my gear collection to include level 50 and level 61 gear! Do hit me up if you need any. Psn louischua

(Svebulive) #27

Are you playing on PS4 and can give me these Heads and Skins?

(Kimura6776) #28

Sorry I only play on PS3

(Svebulive) #29

Oh okay.

(Jaemes L.) #30

Hey! My PSN isMarvelousJaeYT. (PS3) I accidentally resettled my walkthrough…

But anyways, I’m trying to get to OP8, so I’m relying on you to help me! I prefer OP2 weapons, but Lv72 weapons are ok for me. But anyways, before I am going to list the weapons I need, thanks for giving your time to help us and give some o your weapons away!

Lv72 Gear:
Avenger (Any variant/element, preferably fire)
Sand Hawk (Any variant/element, preferably shock)

Unkempt Harold (Any variant, preferably DP)

Interfacer (Any variant, Any element)

Grenade Mods
Magic Missile (x2/x4, preferably x4)

Sham (any percentage, preferably 80%-90%)

If you do have it, a Legendary Ranger Mod.

OP8 guns
Any you recommend so I can get started for my OP8 Storyline

One last time thank you for doing this and If you are willing to do my request. I’ll be glad if I do get money, I’ll donate to you.

(Kimura6776) #31

Sure I will have those items ready for you, if you need help with the op levels do let me know

(Tomh4516) #32

Can you please give me level 50 weapons shields and assaisin classmods

(Kimura6776) #33

Sure add me on my psn!

(Tomh4516) #34

Can I please have level 50 weapons

(Tomh4516) #35

What’s your psn

(Juangq0120) #36

Could u by any chance help rank me up to op level 8. If u can’t or don’t want to I understand but I would really appreciate if u did.

(Sgt Willy Slapper) #37

anyone still play on the ps3? im lvl 72 OP1 looking for someone to run through the DP with.
psn: SgtWillySlapper

(Tomh4516) #38

Add me can I have the best sniper RPG and any infinite pistol my psn is

(Tomh4516) #39

Play now

(Kimura6776) #40

Sorry I don’t understand you? My psn louischua and I play on both PS3 and PS4