Updated: Have some more M10 gear to trade

I listed some things i thought people may want but I have others.


Maggie 2167x6 300/90

Grease Trap 3509 300/90
Grease Trap 2954 50/150

Night Hawkin 1886 ASA 200%

Cryo Redistributor 1961 SNTNL/Cryo
Rad Redistributor 1510 SNTNL/Cryo

Kaoson x1 6178 SNTNL/Cryo (full auto)

OPQ 9232x2 SNTNL/Cryo
OPQ 9694x2 50/150

NoPewPew 2411x4 50/150
NoPewPew 2803x3 ASA 200%

Kinetic Monarch 2475x8 ASA 200%
Kinetic Monarch 2277x4 50/150
Incendiary Monarch 2894x4 After Phaseslam +300%

Carrier 2685 50/150

Shock Sickle 2435x10 300/90
Kinetic Sickle 3196x10 300/90

Kinetic Dictator 1562x3 50/150

Cryo/Incendiary Trevanator 2049x3 SNTNL/Cryo

Flama Diddle 1181x9 Gamma 115%

Corrosive/Rad Recursion 10009 300/90

Rad/Cryo Insider 3211×10 300/90

Shock Lob 28005 300/90

Shock Ion Cannon 66901×2 ASA 75% Badass, Named, Bosses
Ion Cannon 75263×2 50/150
Ion Cannon 91988×2 Extra Rakk Attack
Ion Cannon 87807 300/90

Yellowcake 44259 50/150
Yellowcake 42152×2 50/150
Yellowcake 40236×2 300/90


Any Ice Breaker Artifact with Cryo Damage, Cryo efficiency, Weapon Damage

Redistributor Incendiary with SNTNL/Cryo

Redistributors 50/150, ASA 200

Monarchs Incendiary, Shock, Cryo, Corrosive with 50/150
Monarch Incendiary, Corrosive, Shock, Cryo with SNTNL/Cryo

So far I’m interested in these 2, what flak coms do you got? lf cosmic stalker bounty hunter

Ive got many of your searched items for example
Redistributor SNTL cryo corrosive
Redistributor cryo 50/150 rad
Monarch x8 Cryo SNTNL/Cryo
Kaosons ×2 full auto corrosive, Rad 50/150
Kaosons x1 full auto Cryo. Rad 50/150
Sand Hawk shock SNTNL/Cryo

And more.

Btw thx for your ion cannon offer,appreciate it. but I will get one with a better annoit :smirk:

Do you still have the old god SNTL left by chance?

I don’t really collect these but this is what I have.

LF Monarch 2.8k x4 fire phaseslam 300 dmg
Nukem 77k sntnl 100
Stalker 21 crit 35 sniper 11 torgue
Hunter 21 crit 35 pistol 11 Atlas
Let know what you want for them.
PSN kenet888
Your PSN
Send me FR

I actually have 3 different oldGod sntl movement Speed shield

Give them to kenet :slightly_smiling_face:

But thx for taking time and effort, will send u some good sntl+50/150 stuff after work

If you need the coms, I will send you later lol.

Na don’t need them thx

@sonny316 I sent him a shield. If you need one let me know. Thanks for the gear in advance.

You’re welcome

I’ve got an ice breaker safeguard with decent rolls including cryo efficiency, unless you’re looking for those 3 specific ones all together?

@seniorjoel95 Since I got an Icebreaker VR yesterday with Cryo efficiency and damage I would be looking for specific attributes going forward. If there is something you need, ask and I’ll send it your way.

Ahhhh okay, no worries! Long shot, but looking for antifreeze coms with good rolls (shotgun damage would be a bonus), and also cutpurse splattergun with good rolls. Trying out a slide shotgun build with Zane :sweat_smile:

I’ll check my inventory when I get a chance.

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Sorry man. I looked through my inventory. I don’t have those artifacts.

Would you be interested in trading your O.P.Q 9232x2 SNTNL/Cryo for my O.P.Q 10639x2 300/90

Interested in your OPQ 9694x2 50/150

I got OPQ 200% ASE. Let me know if still available.

What can I offer you for these two?
Nukem 77118 SNTNL/Cryo
Incendiary Plaguebearer 33050 300/90

@devraywall Yeah. I can do that. I’ll try to get on tonight to send that.