Updated: Have some more M10 gear to trade

@sonny316 Don’t worry about it. We’ve traded enough gear. I’ll send them when I get a chance.

Cool thx
Are you sure you don’t need anything, it’sreally no problem :wink:

Ok send me a message on my psn when your ready

@sonny316 Sent the Nukem and the Plaguebearer. I can’t think of anything I need right now other than some new content to try my builds out on.

Oh that’s soo true, me 2

OPQ 9232x2 SNTNL/Cryo

@Pra4tor Sure. What’s your PSN?

what do you need ?

@Pra4tor nothing that I can think of but if you want me to send you that OPQ I’ll need to friend you.

hey dude sorry i was AFK this week. i friend you.