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Looking for List:

I do not want non elemental variants of weapons unless that weapon only comes non elemental

Sure shot++ (homing cryo) Digiclone +130%

Scoville (x 2 FIRE only) +100% SNTL, 125% BA, Named, and Boss, 130 digiclone, phasecast 250, 75% Rad

Skeksil Rakk +100% (Fire), +125% Splash (all element) 75% Rad (all elements)

Craps (cryo, corrosive, Fire) 130% clone swap (cryo), 125% splash (Fire, corrosive), Gamma Burst 115% (cryo), 100% ASE, Phasecast, 160 IB (all elements) 125 IB (all elements), 75% Rad (Fire, corrosive, cryo, Rad)

Moonfire (all elements) 160% IB, 100% SNTL, 125% fire IB, 100% ASE (Fire, corrosive, shock, rad), 75% Rad

Boomer (x2 Fire Only) 125% splash ASE, 160% after exiting bear, phasecast 250, 75% Rad

Redistributer 130% digiclone (fire, corrosive, shock) 75% Rad (shock, rad)

Crossroad (Fire, corrosive, cryo, radiation) barrier crit, Phaseslam (cryo, rad, shock), 75% Rad (cryo, fire, shock)

Kybs Worth (Shock & corrosive/cryo) 125 IB

EM-P5 (x2 ONLY) Gammaburst, 130 digiclone

Embers Purge160% Splash IB

Juliets Dazzle (x2 CRYO ONLY) 125% splash ASE, 160% splash after exiting iron bear, 100% ASE, phasecast, 130 digiclone, 100% SNTL

Eruption (CRYO) Gamma Burst 115%, SNTL 100%

Dictator (x6 fire, corrosive, cryo)+125% ASE, Rakk +100% DM, Gamma Burst + 115% (cryo, corrosive) digiclone swap +130% (cryo), barrier crit (corrosive, cryo), 75% Rad (all elements)

Super shred (x2 all elements) +100% ASE(except cryo), +125% ASE, Rakk +100%, Digiclone +130%, terror damage and fire rate, doesn’t consume ammo after exiting Iron Bear.

Phebert (all elements) 100% SNTL, 115% Gammaburst, phasecast 250%, Phaseslam, 125% iron Bear

Brainstormer x14 130% digiclone

Protuberance (x2 Only) Iron bear 160% (shock, corrosive cryo) SNTL cryo (all elements), gamma burst 115% (all elements) 125% iron bear (all elements), 75% Rad

Flakker (radiation) SNTL 100%

Conference Call (All Element except non elemental) 100 ASE(except corrosive), 100 SNTL (Fire, corrosive, Rad, cryo), barrier crit (everything except fire), 75% Rad (cryo, Rad, Shock) Phaseslam (all elements)

Stagecoach (x25 ONLY) consecutive hits, next two mags cryo

DP Redline (all elements) +125% Splash ASE, 160% splash after exiting bear (CRYO only), Phasecast 250

Kill o wisp x2 SNTL 100

Lyuda (corrosive) 130% after swapping, Gamma Burst +115%, phasecast

Lump (x2 Cyro) +130% after swapping, 125% splash (x2 cryo, corrosive, Rad), 160% IB (x2 all elements)

Scourge 125% splash ASE (corrosive)

Cluster F@$k Exploder (torgue purple grenade in fire, shock, corrosive, cryo) +50% DM ASE (fire, shock, corrosive)

Super Giant Version 0.m (+50% shock, radiation ASE), health regen while digiclone is active

RE-Router while barrier is active immediate recharge (lvl1)

Rico +75% shields and health after exiting bear. Return Fire prefix (+50% bonus fire, corrosive, radiation, cryo ASE)

Dead Eye +5 Two Fang SMG, Weapon DMG, AR DMG

Blood letter +3DM +2PD (splash damage required) splash DMG, Mag size, grenade capacity

Blast Master +1 redistribution (Mag size required) splash DMG, grenade DMG, health regen, SMG DMG, Heavy DMG

Infiltrator +3VM +2SSM SMG DMG, Weapon DMG, ASC (SMG and Weapon DMG required, ASC is preferred but this spot is flexible)

Snowdrift deathless Mag size splash damage

Snowdrift victory rush (health regen) mag size would be a bonus but not necessary

Last stand victory rush ASC, Mag,health regen (Health regen required mag size would be nice as well)

Last Stand Otto Idol (area of effect, splash DMG, grenade DMG, Mag size, DMG reduction) Must have Mag and another of the others

Here are my trades it’s a spreadsheet CNTL F is your friend thanks guys and gals

My Armory (link to my Trades)

I have the swap corrosive lyuda, 100 ase corrosive cc and corrosive sntnl cc, and i have 4 or 5 of the rerouters and version shields youre lookin for and snowdrift deathless with mag and aoe.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen life steal after attack command on a shield. Only movement speed after attack command on shields.

I have at least 3 on your wanted list, can I reserve the snowdrift Otto idol and the 250 acid redistributor? Im in UK .ill be online after work in 8 Hours. :smiley:

I’ve got a radiation Conference Call w/ barrier annoint

You might be right I thought I’d seen it before and over looked it

Yea I should be on relatively shortly so that works for me just hit me up on here and we’ll talk

What are you looking for for the CC

Im finished work early for a change! :smiley:. My GT is whatevercb. I’ll be online soon.

Good day Mate, hope your well.

I happen to have full sets , mostly anointed Sure shots with homing MIRV, Tediore shotguns same, i have a x25 Stagecoach with 100% Cryo as well as many more weapons on your list.

I used to collect all the ASE weapons, at the time i thought they where the best, most DPS. However, the new SNTL 100% cryo is now by far the ultimate anointment on Zane builds. And since i only play Zane, that is all i need.

I would be interested in any thing you have SNTL 100% Cyro, i didn’t see much on your lists, but there was a few like the Kybs Worth, and some others.

Also have over 55 Seeing Dead mods, and many fit your need.

Let me know

Do you have any good 125% fire dmg after IB guns for Moze?

I actually just got a radiation conference call with that annoit and redistributers just check the link up top everything is sorted