Updated: LF M10 Gear to trade

What I have to offer

  • Yellow cake 40k x2 300/90 anoint
  • Yellow cake 44k x2 200% asa anoint
  • Yellow cake 42k x2 150% Rad under 50 anoint
  • OPQ 9200 x2 200% asa anoint
  • OPQ 9600 x2 150% Rad under 50 anoint
  • Anarchy x20 Rad 300/90 anoint
  • Atom Balm Deathless fire/cod res ffyl time
  • Brainstormer 150% Rad under 50 anoint
  • Kaosan x2 all elements 150% Rad under 50

What I am Looking for( the following weapons need to have any of the following anointments for me to be interested and I have plenty of the guns I listed to offer

100% ase, 200% asa, 150% rad, 100% cryo/sent, 300%
phaseslam ase

Cutpurse victory rush(weapon damage needed)
OPQ(9000+ and with 300/90)
Monarch x4 or x8
Kaosan x2 (no 50/150 anoint)
Sand hawk
The Lob(no corrosive)
Yellow cake 40k x2+
Lucians Call(No Cryo)
Kybs worth
Anarchy(18x or 20x)

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Have a corro lob with 200% if you’re interested?

Am indeed interested I’ll be online around 5pm pacific time which item did you want?

I have these. Psn: Loladan
I’m interested in the Anarchy and the 9200 x 2 OPQ.

I got a sandhawk 300% phaseslam if your interested

I am on my way home now I am interested in all the items listed my psn is Das_Nigl3t ill be on by 5 and be sending out loot then

Still interested in trading ?

Is your brainstormer 50/150 M10 and X14? If so I have some 50/150 sandhawks you might be interested in.

Hi mate

I would like to trade for that yellowcake x2 300/90.

Let me know if find something you like

I’ve got also an Kaoson x2 and a redistributor both rad and with sntl annoit, those are not listed

Interested in trading x2 50/150 yellow cake for 300/90?

I’ll check once I’m off work if I’m not mistaken it is 14x

PSN is Hodin316
Do you want an yellowcake x2 ASA 200% also?

I already have one of those ones but thank I really appreciate the offer ima try and log in right now and send everything out to everyone before I leave for work right now

Also what is the damage, thanks.

Checking now loading in, add my psn Das_Nigl3t

Sadly it’s only a x7 and 1200

Do you have any other 50/150 or sntl 100 M10 gear?

Thx mate!

I believe the 14x brainstormer I gas gas that anoint I’ll check when I get home I just left for work

Thank you! I’ve been farming since event start for that roll