UPDATED - LF OP10 gear, lots of other 80 / OP 10 gear to trade

I have a decent amount of max stats/perfect parts 80 gear, mainly for the Gunzerker, Siren, and Sniper Zero, to trade.

I’m looking for the following in OP 10:

  • Chaotic Evil Monk, blue, 59 crit/37 fire rate or close, +6 Money Shot and +5 Asbestos
  • True Neutral Monk, blue, +93% mag size or greater, +6 Money Shot and +5 Asbestos
  • Purple derp Duurrrppp, 6 shot Torgue grip + Bandit exhaust, any sight but Maliwan

I have these OP 10 items

  • DP Harold, all Torgue
  • DP Harold, Torgue grip, Jakobs sight
  • Hard Harold, all Torgue
  • Toothpick, all Dahl, accuracy+ , damage/fire rate+, fire rate+
  • Rough Rider, max stats
  • Chain Lightning, max stats, 0 fuse
  • Electric Chair, max stats
  • Antifection, max stats
  • Deep a Creamer, 5 shot, Torgue grip, Bandit exhaust, Tediore sight
  • Deep a Nukem, 5 shot, Torgue grip/exhaust, Tediore sight
  • Deep a Ahab, 4 shot, all Torgue
  • Practicable Interfacer, fire / corrosive, all Hyperion
  • Purple Deep a Duuurrrrppp, 6 shot, Torgue grip/exhaust, Tediore sight
  • Legendary Gunzerker mod, +55%, max stats
  • True Neutral Monk, blue, +92%, +6 Money Shot and +5 Asbestos
  • Neutral Evil Monk, blue, +58% crit / +59% mag size, +6 Money Shot and +5 Asbestos
  • Bone of the Ancients, fire/shock/corrosive, max stats
  • Sheriff’s Badge, max stats
  • Deputy’s Badge, max stats
  • Amigo Sincero, Jakobs grip, Dahl stock

I have these level 80 items and others to trade:

  • DP Harold, all Torgue
  • DP Harold, Torgue grip, Jakobs sight
  • Deep a Creamer, Torgue grip, Bandit exhaust, Torgue sight
  • Deep a Nukem, Torgue grip and exhaust, Vladof sight
  • Deep a Ahab, Torgue grip and exhaust, Vladof sight
  • Pimpernel
    • Banbury
      * Maliwan grip
      * Fire, Shock, Slag, Dahl stock
      * Corrosive, Hyperion stock
    • Barking
      * Maliwan grip
      * Corrosive, Shock, Dahl stock
      * Fire, Slag, Maliwan stock
    • Barking - 6 shots, max damage
      * Jakobs grip
      * Fire, Shock, Dahl stock
      * Corrosive, Hyperion stock
      * Slag, Maliwan stock
  • Interfacer
    • Practicable
    • Hyperion grip
    • No element, Slag, Fire, Corrosive, Shock,
    • Hyperion stock
  • Butcher
    • Practicable
    • Hyperion grip and stock
    • Fire, Shock, Corrosive
  • Orphan Maker
    • Jakobs grip
    • Hyperion stock
    • All prefixes available except Huntin’ and Captain Blade’s
  • Win-Win Lady Fist, slag, Bandit grip
  • Flying Sandhawk, Fire, Shock, Corrosive, all Dahl
  • Practicable Heartbreaker, all Hyperion
  • Evisceration Grog Nozzle, Maliwan grip, Dahl sight
  • Barbed Twister, Jakobs grip, Hyperion stock
  • Norfleets, various parts and elements
  • Rough Rider, max stats
  • Blockade, max stats
  • Antagonist, max stats
  • Evolution, max stats
  • Flame of the Firehawk, max stats, no fire resistance
  • Longbow Slag Crossfire, max stats, 0 fuse
  • Longbow Stormfront, max stats, 0 fuse
  • Longbow Quasar, max stats, 0 fuse
  • Chain Lightning, max stats, 0 fuse
  • Magic Missile, purple, max stats, 0 fuse
  • Longbow Firebee, max stats, 0 fuse
  • Longbow Slag transfusion, max stats, 0 fuse
  • Sherrif’s / Deputy’s badges, max stats
  • Torgue Allegiance Relic, max stats, +fire rate, +mag size
  • Chaotic Evil Monk, +6 Money Shot, +5 Asbestos, 53% crit, 35% fire rate
  • True Neutral Monk, +6 Money Shot, +5 Asbestos, 85% mag size
  • Legendary Berserker, max stats
  • Legendary Hoarder, +4.0
  • Legendary Siren, max stats
  • Legendary Binder, max stats
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Pretty sure I have what you are looking for

Awesome. Anything in particular you’re looking for or a raid boss that you’d like to farm?

My GT is: l THE l HULK l


Nope. The loot train has been good to me.

What’s your GT? I’ll hit you up if you’re on tonight.

Thanks again.

I’ll get on for a few when I get home from work.

Finally home am going to be on in like 20 min.

Awesome. Thanks

I’ve got the longbow slag if you still need it btw!

I’m good thanks. Any gear you’re looking for?

No worries!
Currently the wish list is long haha. But the main ones are OP8 Grog, Norfleet and Interfacer?

I updated my LF list in the op. I have a few random Norfleets. I’m not sure about parts or elements. I’ve got lots of interfacers. Mainly practicable but I have other prefixes as well. Various elements, Hyperion grip, but the stocks vary.

Ahhh yeah don’t really have anything you’re currently after.
If you ever wanna play though hit me up. GT: Vitriolboy

Hello Kng_007.If you have any extra Interfacers could I maybe get a Shock/fire element one after you help out andrew.thanks :slight_smile:

I Have three perfect Dahl parts fying Sandhawks Corrosive,shock,and fire.
GT-Riize v

I’ve added you as a friend

Updated LF list.

I can also help OP8 grinds if I don’t have any gear you’re looking for

I think I have the orphan maker and rough rider and blockade

Sorry, I have the rough rider and blockade as items to trade, but I am definitely interested in the orphan maker with the right parts.

I have every other orphan maker with perfect parts except the rustler’s. Anything in particular that you’re looking for?


Umm I honestly think I’m allgood you can have it