UPDATED - LF OP10 gear, lots of other 80 / OP 10 gear to trade

Unless you have some op 8 gunzerker or assassin mods

I have these mods

  • Legendary gunzerker com, 51%, max
  • True neutral monk, 85% mag size, +6 money shot/+5 asbestos
  • Chaotic evil monk 53% crit, 34% fire rate, +6 money shot/+5 T-Rex
  • Legendary Hoarder 4.0%

What’s up guys, I’m coming back to bl2 after a few years. Would you help me with some equipments. My gamer tag is Bushy Chief

Updated trade list. Primarily looking for Orphan Maker and Interfacers

Found the perfect Rustler’s Orphan Maker.


I have a corrosive Interfacer if you need one. Gamertag is TimingCrib77.

Awesome. Is there anything from my “have” list that you need/want?


You’ve definitely got a few things I could use. Sandhawks/Pimpernals/Stormfront/Orphan Maker etc.

Any chance you are still playing and would like to trade me a corrosive sandhawk?


Updated list of haves and wants

Updated with more stuff that I’ve farmed