Updated list of known bugs?

Hi all, I was on hiatus for a while and was wondering if there is an offical Gearbox list anywhere of known bugs?

For a long time I recall “friend bot” not working as it said. I believe that was fixed. Just wondering if there are other things that don’t work as they say they do currently, and if GB updates the list when the problem is fixed.

A link to this would be much appreciated.

(I did a quick search of the forums, but I don’t know if this type of list would be somewhere off forum. I didn’t find it in the forums itself, but I may have missed it.)

I’d also like a comprehensive list of all the changes made, since catching up can be a lot of work and there’s no single source (afaik) tracking the updates.

All the hotfix and update notes are on the support page - just click on the link for your platform:

Note that there are two sections - the first for hotfixes, the second for updates - and that they are listed with the most recent first.


Thank you, that’ll be very helpful.