(Updated) Looking to trade for Recurring Hexes and some decent Class mods, here's what I gots:

Annointed gear will be at the bottom in it’s own category.


Faisor Rad/Shock
Laser-Sploder Rad/Cryo
Razrez Sickle
Double-Penetrating Alchemist


Redundant Brainstormer
Subsidized Brainstormer
The Butcher
Flakker x2
Conference Call Corrosive


Night Hawkin
Westergun Rad+Corrosive
Long Musket ×2
Cutsman Shock
Cloud Kill


Nemesis Fire
Devil’s Foursum

Sniper Rifles:



Nuclear Jericho Rad


Trans-fusion Longbow 120% health/60% shields
Gravity Salvo Firestorm (Singularity+Rain)
Sticky Homing Quasar
Quasar x2
Stormfront x2
Cloning Hex


Snowdrift Rocket Boots
Snowdrift Victory Rush




Overcast Molly Rocketeer (Moze)
Bangin’ Bear Trooper (Moze)
Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter (Moze)
Teething Prideful Rakk Commander (FL4K)
Tribal Refreshed Friend-Bot (FL4K)
Feral Prideful Red Fang (FL4K)
Rope-a-Dope Introverted Breaker (Amara)

Anointed Gear:

Lucian’s Call Fire, Gunner, 20% bonus to Incendiary with Auto Bear out

Breath of the Dying, +125% damage to Bosses/Rares/Badasses after AS

Cash Infused Brainstormer, 15% Lifesteal on AS end

Stark Krakatoa, Siren, 300% Weapon Damage after Phaseslam

Adapting Ripper, +11% Fire Rate and +26% Reload Speed on AS end

Cutsman Fire, 2 mags of 50% extra damage as cryo on AS end

Ironclad Red Card, 30% damage returned to attacker on AS end

What I’m Looking For:

Recurring Hex Rad
Unleash the Dragon artifact
Executor mod w/ no Good Misfortune (Zane)
DE4DEYE mod (FL4K)
Breaker Mod w/ Melee Damage bonus (Amara)

Just post screenshots of the mods if you are interested. They don’t necessarily have to be god roll, just good. And even if you have something not on my list that you think might have a chance, go for it.



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You have many things Im looking for, but I only got the Recurring Hex Rad :sweat_smile:

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I have plenty of hexes… why do you want them?

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Hey man, I have a cryo recurring hex id trade for your lyuda. Hit me up. My ps name is evilnineteen.

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Sounds good

I still like Recurring Rad and Cryo a lot even after the nerf. I only need one Recurring Rad and the mods now though

Shameless bump

If you’re still looking for a rad recurring hex, I can trade you one for the snowdrift victory rush.

What are the bonuses on it?

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Movement speed, mag size, shock damage

Saw in another thread you have some Lucian’s though. Happen to have a Cryo?

I do. I have a non anointed and an anointed one with bonus handling and accuracy in fade away.