* Updated post. Join my multiplatform team

Hello everyone that is part of the battleborn community. My friends and I are making a Battleborn Team for competitive purposes and for fun really. I for one love the game and my Teamates do too. We are stoked that a MOBA/RPG game has came out for console. ANYWAYS we want to make the team for fun and just to get people in the community together so they can show off there skills. We are recruiting and would love to see more and more people getting in to it.

This is a multiplatform team XB1 AND PS4.
We would like eveyone to be at least 18 years of age to join we may make considerations for people that are 17 and even 16 but no younger. We have a discussion chat using the app Kik. Add me and i will add u to the main chat page. Also, I may not always be playing due to work but I’m making this team for some of us can easily find people to play with and team up competitively or just for kicks.

We have a ranking system for the team/clan and three leaders which are my friends.
Leaders XB1: Funnakilldow, Brunography,XofficerxN4styX


HINT: app to download is "Kik"
My kik name is FluffyySenpaii
I often change my so called real name and pic. Please if u don’t use the app, when u download it please use ur gamertag OR PSN as the. User name it helps me identify you. If not just state ur gamertag OR PSN in the chat when added.



Thank you and hope to see you in the discussion chat.