Updated privacy policy?

So I started up Borderlands 2 on steam for the first time in a few days and I was met with this.

I had a quick glance through it but nothing really stood out, is there any particular reason gearbox chose now to update the privacy policy on a game that’s been out for almost seven years now?

Had the same thing today when I launched TPS. IIRC it’s the ToS for the SHIFT system, and there have been periodic updates to that to cover various matters. The last major update was related to the implementation of the EU GDPR (privacy legislation). It’s possible that additional tweaks are being made so that the policy is consistent across all games and platforms in anticipation of BL3.

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FWIW, I just now fired up TPS out of curiosity and got the same thing. However I have not seen it in BL2, and I’ve been obsessively checking that for my VIP Norfleet (I’m one of those who’s had problems with the VIP weapons, but it’s now supposed to be sorted out).

Does accepting the agreement in one title mean that all titles are now covered? Just curious…

Oddly enough, I’d launched BL2 first and didn’t see anything either. I’m just firing it up again in case it was a timing issue…

Nope. Not there. And just to give you an idea of how long it’s been since I last launched TPS, I hadn’t cleared the “Pre-Order BL3” splash screen on it…

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