Updated Trading List (WEAPONS) added more requests

[Updated December 19]

GT: LB Korpse

I’m interested in:
Moonfire (fire) with consecutive hits
Recursion (rad/cryo) with +50% corrosive ASE

I have quite a few things you’re looking, take a look and let me know.

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Cutless Deathpurse 40% mag size
R4kk P4k Tallying Tactical
EMP-5 ASE 100%
Performance Enhanced Rough Rider

And if you can find more I need some hexes

Recurring Rad -50% Rad
Recurring Cryo - 50% Cryo
Recurring Shock - 50% Shock

I will be on for the next couple hours for trades.

I will trade a recurring hex with 50% Rad for a dictator with ASE 100% weapon damage

I have the Brainstormer you’re looking for. I’m interested in your Binary Kyb’s Worth with Fire/ Rad (Consecutive Hits anointment).

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What’s your Gamertag? I’m down

What’s the element of the grenade?

I have shock with 50% shock or rad with 50% rad

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I’ll take the radiation version please.

What’s your gamertag man? You online now

LB Korpse

GT: CRUZZifer if interested. I’ll be on later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Yup. I’m down.

I’ll shoot you a message on Xbox.

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Gonna be online for the next couple hours. I’ll be adding more to the list later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Which element transformer do you need? I have all. The 50% ase

Let me find out and get back to you.

Find Something you need?

Added additional requests.