Updates and hotfixes

a simple question what time approximately are they live please ? I would prefer uk time if anyone knows

Should be 5 pm in London if you are referring to the Maliwan scaling event.

thank you

Im UK too. The updates for me however seem to be around 8 pm.

They just delayed 6 hours. Was supposed to be 9 AM PST. Now they say by 3 PM PST.

Ah well. We get one more night of un-nerfed ion cannon! Lol

By 3 pm PST”. Depending on platform and region, you may get it earlier, but everyone should have the latest hotfix by this time. I believe the original announcement on the Borderlands site was “From 9 am PST” - again, that depends on platform and region, as these things are not rolled out simultaneously.

I’m in the US on the Xbox and the hotfix is live.

I have the hotfix but the Maliwan console is not active so cannot start the Takedown yet.

I just ran the takedown solo, on mayhem4 sooooo easy!

Did you complete the main story in the mode you’re currently playing in? The mission to access the takedown is given only after completing the story.

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Yes I did. Level 50 and completed the Normal playthrough. Have not completed TVHM but it should still work on Normal.

Had you been there before? If so, you should see the location listed under Galaxy View on your echo map.

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Restarted PC and eureka! Thanks bro! First time playing it.