Updates not working?

Hey, everyone! I believe that I am having an issue with updates either not being available or not being implemented properly. Whenever I pause for the first time in game, it will always state that updates are available and that I should return to the main menu to apply them. However, returning to the main menu doesn’t give any sort of option to download an update (or at least, not one that I can find).

I am also not sure if I am receiving hotfixes. I am a Fl4k main, and I recall that their Barabaric Yawp skill was buffed to give +40% bonus instead of +20% some time ago. However, my game still says +20%. This is annoying, as I really want to use this skill for my build.

I have been downloading whenever my system tells me to do so on the main Xbox menu, but is there another way to download updates that I am missing?

Wait in main menu for pumpkins. If they showed up that means hot fix is applied.