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no updates after month ? / 250 online ? where my 60$

The last update wasn’t even a month ago yet, so I’m confused where you’re coming from?

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PC gamer I assume by throwing out the low player base. sigh… The update wont draw people to the game. It will just address current issues.
how about you stream it more on twitch, show friends how it played solo or on a team. How about creating a positive forum thread besides talking about the low player base possibly by stating how YOUR trying to fix it.Like how about if Gearbox could spend a little on advertising for PC?
also I’m pretty certain you enjoy the game enough that you really don’t want a refund. your on the game official forum site talking about it.


EXACTLY what I’m gonna start doing soon. This game is too fun to die like this, and too fun to not share.


The last update was literally 4 days ago.


I had a lot to say about forum etiquette, but since it was about the forum member and not the game I won’t be quite so blunt about it.

However, as has been said at least a hojillion times on these here forums (that have a nice a search feature), that way low-ball number of people online is a worthless representation of how many people are playing. Also, that thing that pops up weekly as you start the game? It’s called a Battleplan and it outlines all weekly updates and hotfixes.

A major patch and at least one DLC are due this month. While I don’t expect every new member to do a forum search before signing up to post a one-line thread, you can find all this information and more by doing a plain old google search.


I’m so stealing that.


It’s not mine, it belongs to the Old Sentinel; I don’t think he’ll mind.

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Gearbox never promised monthly patches, we are not entitled to them either. I think from what I’ve seen that is the goal, but there is a lot that can affect that.

If you are concerned about a refund that should be dealt with who you purchased it from.


I will disagree with you here. We purchased an online only game. With that purchase it is expected that the game will be well maintained and well polished. Seeing as they have not fulfilled the polish it is their responsability to provide that polish. I don’t know how they’ll do it but we are entitled to a well maintained game, seeing as we purchased what we thought would be a well maintained game.

Just to be picky this really didn’t feel like an update. They changed a single, very small and inconsequential thing. “Heat wave effect has been removed.” Pretty lackluster for an update. What it seemed like, in my opinion, is they had nothing to offer in terms of hot fixes or updates and instead were like “let’s suck up to the player base and say it’s a ‘community week!’”

I’m going to have to agree with OP here and say that there ought to have been an update or something, anything soon. I mean tomorrow it will have been a month since the last actual update tomorrow (?) if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully they will do something.


I was refuting to on a monthly basis. So far we have had 3 patches and 8 hot fixes I think.

Gearbox has been giving support, as well as telling us some of what’s coming up.

Yes we should expect patches and fixes, but to hold them to deadlines they have not given is not fair.


Ah, I misunderstood you then. I thought you were saying that there was no expectation of anything from the game devs after launch.