Updates to BL2 and BL:TPS?

I’m aware of the texture packs but I’m talking about the 400MB update to BL2 and the 1.3GB update to BL:TPS on Steam. What was changed? Are there any update notes?

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I have not seen anything specific. Maybe code updates to allow the games to properly use the upgraded textures on PCs that have the hardware to use them?

Thanks for your response.
Yeah, I thought so when I received the update for BL2. But 1.3GB of code changes in TPS just to allow for those extra textures? Considering that TPS is smaller than BL2 and should have significantly less meshes and textures the update for TPS should be smaller than the one for BL2.

Don’t know - as I said, I haven’t heard anything. But some of the areas in TPS (particularly Eleseer) had some pretty crazy geometry going on…

OK, then they probably changed a lot more than just the textures. In a couple of days, the download should be complete and I can see for myself. :smiley: Thanks again.

One of the things I noticed was that Angel’s spectral ‘overlay’ appearance in BL2 was changed to match that of hers in the BL1 remaster (I fired the game up before I downloaded the UHD texture pack.)

There’s nothing new (yet) on this page which is where I’ve gone to check on patch notes in the past.

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Just waiting for the downloads to finish myself. It’s been a busy night between the BL1 GOTY remaster, BL2 and TPS updates, and SW:BF II from the “Games with Gold” (The original BF II, not the modern one.)

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They slipped in some pop up ads for BL3 and some title screen clutter, that’s the only difference I have noticed.

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I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have needed an ~1 GB update?

Of course. xP

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Probably be some kind of shift rewards.

can we delete the updates? It is useless for me anyway since i do not have a PS4 Pro.

This is what I experience lately after the updates.

  1. difficulty on getting connected for online play (especially on the pre sequel)
  2. Increase in the loading time
  3. crashing at least once every session
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The only thing I can suggest is putting in a support ticket requesting this ability and explaining why. The problem with XB1 and PS4 is that there’s no real way to delete out parts of the game you don’t want.

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It’s more like server issue than UHD update. I didn’t downloaded the separate patch for UHD and still BL2 needs more time to establish active session.
If you want to delete the update you need to delete the whole game and install as new. Just don’t download the UHD patch.