Updating the website Skill Trees? (a conspiracy theory)

So…when do you think they’ll update the BL3 website’s skill trees for each character? Do you think they’re waiting for… THE FOURTH SKILL TREES TO COME OUT SOON?!
Dramatic Chipmunk

This is mostly a joke post. I doubt they consider it a priority, but it is a little curious that they haven’t updated the skill trees on the site yet.

I doubt they will as there is a few unofficial ones on the internet which are updated (at some point after skill adjustments). On the account of that I would rather they just work on the game and pay close attention to the forums.

They haven’t upgraded the official skill calc in a long time. They still don’t have pet damage for FL4K’s hunt skills, and they added that in November…

I feel like it got reset because there’s some stuff currently not in there that I think was in there at some point (like the Quick Breather clone healing), so it now all seems to be back to it’s release state.

As far as I know the website isn’t even run by Gearbox, but by 2k and now that the insider program has ended there is little to be done that would really push the game’s momentum forward. So, as it is typical I would rather trust and work with the unofficial community ressources.

They are still using it as a news site and you can redeem SHIFT codes on there. Besides, I’m pretty sure up until recently (like, a month or two), the character builder was actually up to date and then somehow got reset to it’s original release status.

That sounds to me like a domain issue on the hosts end. Maybe the thing got nuked and they didn’t have a newer version saved. Also, it is possible that the site is being managed by multiple parties across the globe and that the one to manage the skill tree and character sections basically had no better version after the newer version of the skill tree site got wrecked.

I know that they are still uploading trailers and corresponding articles but the frequency of new content is very slow, so there really is barely any need to set people up just for that. So it’s possible that they don’t even know about the state of the character builder.

They’re waiting for our Reptilian overlords to properly flatten the Earth.

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