Updating vip site?

I know they have been busy doing update to Bl3. But when are they going to update the vip rewards site.
They updated it every 30 days, till the release. After that, not so much.
Being a vip member, wouldn’t you think that gearbox would keep us in mind.
They keep giving out vip rewards at a slower pace, which is fine, but what else can I spend my points on?


I feel the same way. I want some new toys to spend my points on in the new game. The other 2 games you could buy the same gun multiple times if you wanted to. Or add shields or grenade mods.

I can’t figure out where to enter the VIP codes for BL3. Is
it still up?

Try this link

its still up and theres a Redeem Code page but the VIP site doesnt play nice w some browsers, if you arent seeing all the various code types try a different browser. mine would only show shift codes and the VIP activities list wouldnt load until i switched browsers.

I have had the same issue. My iPad safari, didn’t work for over two weeks. Used my iPhone, worked great. Downloaded Mozilla, worked awesome. Them my iPad safari started working.
It has to do with add blockers and whatever.
But I have 23,000 points and I have already used all the points to get everything on the rewards site, what else are vip points good for, is my question?

Do these vip codes have a expiration? There’s lists posted, but when I go to enter them it errors out.

Alot of them have expired. But some are still active.

I mean, it would be better to give more codes out. I still have three skins to buy. And only 2k

Has anyone seen any VIP codes being released lately?

The last one released was 10/4 risengrind.
Just do a web search for borderlands 3 vip codes, and there are a lot of codes that are still active

The email code option is no longer available on the website either. The only thing that lets you put in it shift codes. And I have an email code that I just got today.

The website does that. If you have add blockers enabled, it blocks some of the site. I had to download Mozilla, to get it to work. I just redeemed my newest email code

We keep getting VIP points, but yet nothing to spend them on!!..:cry::cry:

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