Upgrade to deluxe edition

I pre-ordered the physical edition of the game way back in Jan. This was before the deluxe edition was around. I was wondering if some form of upgrade package would become available for those of us who bought the regular game thinking that was the only option. It would be nice not to have to drop 75 dollars for a game i already bought once :frowning:

I think the Digital Deluxe Edition is just the Base Game + Season Pass for roughly $5 less than if you bought them separately. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the DDE has anything more than that.

You can buy the Season Pass separately for $20 - either as a digital key from places like Amazon or Best Buy - or just buy it right from the PSN/Steam/XBL stores.

There are also 5 “cyber” skins and a few taunts, as well as some other cosmetic things.

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Thanks Mad - I didn’t realize there were special skins.

I actually like the way those skins look compared to the gold ones. Damn. So it seems like the question really boils down to:

“Will there be a way to unlock the digital deluxe “cyber” skins or taunts some where down the road - without buying a DDE?”

I would like so. It would be nice to get those bonuses considering I got the same thing, just in a different medium

You also get some gold goodies like a gold title screen and pedestal if i’m not mistaken. i remember asking the lady at gamestop what the most expensive edition was just to make sure i didn’t miss anything. Its frustrating having the game already but not having anyway to get the other version because I decided i wanted a physical edition with my collectible figure. off topic i pulled rath which was pretty cool.