Upgrade to lvl 61 (advice plz)

Hi guys, sorry for a dumb question…

I play on PC via Steam.
Have hit level 50 pretty easy and would be interested to go to 61 of which I obviously need the upgrade pack 1 and then the upgrade pack 2 to go to 72 (as I understand)

I can see the upgrade pack 2 listed as $7.99 (in my currency) and can see the upgrade pack 1 as $49.99 as part of a much larger pack.

Q: surely I can not just purchase the Upgrade pack 1 for the $7.99 or so somewhere, or does that pack 2 get me to 61 and then buy it a second time to get to 72 if i choose?

Cheers , Thanks!

The first upgrade pack may include the Season Pass but I’m not sure- check to see if it does as that could explain the price difference…

It’s a bit hard to tell when everything BL2-related is already in my library, but maybe what you’re seeing is the GOTY edition? From what I can tell, that doesn’t include UVHM2, but it has all the DLC plus UVHM1.

Scroll around a bit in the store or maybe get in touch with GBX support for clarification is the best advice I can give.
If you’re in the Borderlands for the long haul, the DLC is an integral part of it and has tons of extra material and unique gear, but if you’re interested in that is of course your call.
If you already own the DLC - or if you want to stay in vanilla - there must be another upgrade option. I hope (?)

thanks guys for prompt replies.

Have had a good look through the store and can ONLY see the first upgrade pack available in the GOTY full pack which is $50 seems a bit much when the value of the individual item is around $8 and thats what im really after.

Just wanted to get a second opinion because it doesnt make too much sense not having the stand alone upgrade in the store. The only place i can actually locate the individual item is

but that suggests North America only.

Thanks for your comments.