Upgraded tv from 1080p to 4k HDR game unplayable now

So i very much enjoyed playing BL3 PS4pro on my old 1080p TV but now i finally upgraded to a 4K HDR and the game play is so slow,… basically unplayable,…
I have tried some settings,… but is there a way to revert to 1080p,… ?>?

In Options/Visual set to Performance.

Already tried that,… but thx,…

wow,… this is really crap,… i am back to BL1 now,… wich runs fine btw,… ;p

How old are the HDMI cables? Check connectivity again and perhaps invest in a good set.

In console settings you can also set resolutions.

original PS4pro HDMI cable,… new tv,… sony XH80,…

I am gonne check the console setting,… thx,…

4k on your PS4 pro
Settings > sound & screen > video output settings
set resolution to 2160p - yuv420 or 2160 rgb (i’m using rgb on 8k tv)

on device tv settings from sony ebsite look for external inputs select HDMI signal format choose enhanced format. this option will explain what inputs support high quaility HDMI 4k format.

second check which HDMI supports 2.0/2.1 as using these support 4k 120fps

hope that helps

o also if your tv has game mode settings select auto, Freesync set to max possible


I can play BL3 but the frame rate sucks,…

console settings,… 1080p,… works now,… pfieuw,…

I am gonne try the other options later to see if i can get the 4k hdr to work proper,… thx,…!!

may be the HDMI cable your using as well, if its the normal ps4 pro cable you might need to get a high quality HDMI cable upto max bandwith and transfer speed.

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No worries. and good luck

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@Budgeko @mike3980 it was the rgb setting,… awesome,… XD
thx again,…!! 4k hdr,… :slight_smile:

Awesome man…enjoy the HDR… night and day!

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good, enjoy

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