Upgrading my hard drive, will my skins etc. remain?

I’m upgrading my PS4 hardrive. I understand how to back up all my saves etc.

Are all the skins and gear stored on a cloud or locally?

Will all my cool skins etc. be saved? Or will I lose them?

Quite concerned.

I don’t think there will be an issue as everything in battleborn is linked to your online account. It should save everything regarding you to that account, and that includes skins, taunts, credits, stats, etc.

Can anyone confirm?

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Jup, played on different consoles with the same account and all the stuff is there.

The worst that could happen is if you start the game before bringing your save data that your command access is locked and you have to play the Proluge again, after that its like, you never left it.


Yeah, i upgraded mine to 2tb a month or so ago, and nothing changed. To avoid freaking out like i did, keep in mind that, although you can still load and play the game after it “finishes installing”, it will take roughly 15-30 minutes for all the content to actually appear; command menu and Ops in MY case, but your experience may vary.

Thank you all. That helps immensely.