Upgrading to Ps5

I am updating to the Ps5 and I am able to switch between game versions but it says that I lost all my trophies? is there a way to bring my ps4 saves to ps5?
I have also tried to transfer ps4 characters to ps5 and it only allows me to bring one over. It overwrites if I try to bring over another VH

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It’s a one at a time transfer. Upload save 1, download save 1. Upload save 2, download save 2. The message about over-writing is just referring to the temporary save cache for the transfer. (IOW exactly the same as upload/download for previous games/systems)

I don’t know about the trophies thing - maybe someone on PS4/5 can comment on that. It may be that you have to transfer the save files first though.

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I am switching between the consoles. uploading on ps4 and downloading on ps5. I thought if I jumped into game before downloading the next VH would solve it but it overwrites the current VH.

as for trophies, when I jumped in I unlocked the “Discover all locations” but the lvl 2 and rest are still locked

So there’s 2 games in the trophy list, one for PS5, which is now completely blank, one for PS4 which holds my trophies. The transfer of saved files was also a complete mess.

This is an absolute mess. How do I get my achievements back? Replay the game for every single one again?

Oh and I only got the planetary trophies when I logged in but not the discovered all locations one. Gee that sounds familiar to a bug we had to wait almost a year to get fixed.

I don’t have new gen to check on. When you click the download option in BL3 on the PS5, does it give you a choice of ‘overwrite’ or ‘save as new’?

it just says “download save” does not allow me to save characters

Paging @GrzesPL - any ideas on this?

I don’t have PS5 yet (one more week), but you should be able to download every uploaded save. Make sure you upload the correct one, download on PS5, upload another etc. It may be some technical error and needs a fix. Maybe you should contact support and submit official ticket.
Also, did you tried using usb or PS+ to move the saves? I know in the FAQ the only option is the in game system, but was curious.

In case of trophies, it looks like PS5 version of the game has a separate list, so you can earn two platinum trophies. PS5 has an option to track trophy progress, so for discover trophy you should see how many locations you are missing. It may need a new character for that, not sure if it will work with the transfered one.

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I transfered via cloud share.
I contacted 2k support and was told “Only one of these saves will work at a time; if you upload another save, it will overwrite any previously uploaded save files.”

As for the trophies, was told to cashe clear. I turned off ps5 for a bit and turned back on with same problem

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Will try to make new character and see if a save file actually shows up in saved data

You HAVE to use the added in-game menu, not the system function. Just wanted to check on that.

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So what happens exactly? If you download lets say Amara save, and then upload and download Moze one, is the Amara one gone or you can’t download the Moze?

What problem exactly? You should see two BL3 lists on your profile. One trophy list from PS4, and second from PS5 version. They are separate.

I transfered via cloud my bl3 data. On my ps4 I upload my fl4k save and on my ps5 I download in menu. I go in game and run around and quit. I go to my ps4 and upload my moze then download in menu and my fl4k is no longer available in “load character” menu.

I thought I read that trophies was same in news update they did recently. Guess I get to unlock more trophies then

I can confirm that it will ONLY transfer 1 character per save. I tried numerous ways and when you chose upload from PS4 version it only uploads the currently loaded character then when you download the PS5 version will only load that character. Since it overwrites the save file each time IT WILL DELETE without warning, any other characters you downloaded. It WILL not overwrite PS5 new characters so I have no clue why shift server does this. My only solution was to copy the indivdual character files out of the PS5 folder after every upload then copy them back in hoping it does not overwrite it. The problem seems to be the Gearbox upload/download software labels the character file in the same slot. I think it is a bug because I remember transferring all my PS3 characters for BL2 into the PS4 version without issue.

****** Edited 11/13/2020******** The issue is the PS5 stores all the character data as a single file while the PS4 has individual data slots for the characters so this absolutely seems to be a Gearbox issue where the upload is ONLY uploading 1 character file and NOT the entire save file.


I can’t even get this to work at all. Whenever I go to download my save, the game crashes!


I have digital version, yet it’s telling me i need a disc, what do?

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There was similar problem with Fight for Sanctuary iirc. Try downloading it via www or PS App if possible.

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Tried those, still getting the same problem.
No Mans Sky for example, let me just update to ps5 version without the “Disc Required” meme.
Very Sad

You’re the second person I’ve seen post with this specific problem. All I can suggest at this point - if @GrzesPL’s suggestion doesn’t work - is to raise the issue with both Sony and GBX/2K.

I got another response from 2k support saying that we should be able to bring over multiple characters to ps5. After auto saving in game with one we should be able to bring over another and so forth

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