Upgrading to Ps5

There was similar problem with Fight for Sanctuary iirc. Try downloading it via www or PS App if possible.

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Tried those, still getting the same problem.
No Mans Sky for example, let me just update to ps5 version without the “Disc Required” meme.
Very Sad

You’re the second person I’ve seen post with this specific problem. All I can suggest at this point - if @GrzesPL’s suggestion doesn’t work - is to raise the issue with both Sony and GBX/2K.

I got another response from 2k support saying that we should be able to bring over multiple characters to ps5. After auto saving in game with one we should be able to bring over another and so forth

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Hi, i’m trying to upload my save file from ps4 to have it on ps5 next week, but it keep saying it fails to upload the fail, i mean using new the option to upload it. I wonder if more people have this problem, and if there is a solution already, o we’ll have to wait for a patch.

Thanks for all.

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I’m getting the same. We may have to wait until the 12th for it perhaps. I’m just trying to get my saves and uploads organized

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It’s working now :smiley: , so perfect then.

I’m having the same issue. My wife’s character downloaded fine on her account, but mine just crashes the game. Her character was Fl4k and mine was Zane. I wondering if it is a Zane issue. We’re both using the same system and that is the only difference.

Don’t think so. In my case, the character that crashes the game is Fl4k.

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Ok, thanks! It’s just so weird it didn’t crash for my wife’s download. It’s the same system and game. The problems of early adopters I guess. lol

same issue with moving over 2 characters. new save of upload on PS5 overwrites character already saved. also any uploaded character looses all of it’s guardian ranks.

again for clarity the character file will come across but the over 300 levels of guardian ranks you had on the PS4 will be reset to 1 on the PS5


didn’t even notice that cause I was focused on losing my VHs. but same here, I also had empty load out but items where in backpack…

So owned the Super Deluxe and the Seaosn Pass 2 on PS4. I downlaoded the next gen version and all the DLC. The first time I tried to load up a VH I had downloaded, all fot he gear that was equipped on the character that was from DLC1-4 was deleted from my character, they the spots in the inventoy were suddent blank–no com, artifact or shield, and a gun was gone as well. I had all of my guardian rank perks (like 138 points in each perk tree) but my Rank was showing as 1 for some reason. Also nearly all my cosmetics were gone from the quick change station, but I did have the final form body.

I will try clearing the cache tomorrow, but I have filed to support tickets on these issues. I have 4 max level VH’s that I so want to play on PS5 and not have to grind out 4 brand new characters to max level.

It’s all gravy now, they fixed it

This is still a issue me and my friend have both tried just minutes ago and he can get one character and I can’t get any after uploading save. It looks like it works until you delete your ps4 version at least for us. And I’m not about to have both versions installed just to play. Also after deleting the ps4 version off my ps5 it still leaves it on my Home Screen and never updates to the ps5 version so now I have a uninstalled ps4 version just sitting there and not my ps5 version and my installed ps5 version can only be played by going to game library and clicking installed games.

What do you mean? That we can transfer the full load of characters over without issue and get all our trophies when we log in?

Probably was not a good idea to merge all the different problems into the same thread.

Still not working here. My Amara came over to the ps4 version on the ps5 just fine but crashes any time I try to download in the ps5 version.

Seems like it is related to the installed add-ons. But doesn’t seem like you can find ps5 versions of all the content packages from the ps4 (butt stallion, gold skins, etc.)…

Looking for any help to stop the crashing on download.

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I’m still having the issue where when I upload a save and download on ps5 it overwrites the previous save. So I can only bring one character over. Has gearbox mentioned they are aware of this issue?

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This doesn’t work, it just overwrites the previous

I sent an email to 2K regarding the issues that you can only transfer one save file. They said in the responding email that the overwrite is not intentional and they are working on a solution. It is intentional that you can just transfer one at a time, but the overwrite is not. So hopefully this will get fixed soner rather than later for those who are lucky enough to have PS5 already.