Upgrading to Ps5

I would test that skin trophy progress but right now I can’t even transfer a single save from my PS4. Everytime I hit download save the game crash.
IDK, maybe I need to download the PS4 version on PS5 and try then to upload/download. It is so annoying.

Hi there!

I’ve had no issues moving from PS4 to PS5, however, I have noticed some issues with the PS5 trophy list. After going through this thread, I haven’t seen anyone mention anything about trophy specific bugs, so after creating a new character and going through them all, I have news!

The PS5 trophies “Master of All You Survey” and “Tales From The Eridian Slab” seem to be bugged. After trying all of the methods from the PS4 version of the game (i.e spamming the slab in Tannis’ lab), there doesn’t seem to be a fix. According to online trackers, nobody has these trophies (and therefore the Platinum) because the PS5 doesn’t seem to track the progress of these trophies. All of the other trophies work fine though! At least for the base game.

Also, as a side-note for players: The only trophies that carry over are the leveling trophies and the location trophies (minus Master of All You Survey), but the leveling trophies only pop after you level up again and the location trophies should pop after loading in.

So basically we now have the very same trophy bugs back on PS5 that took them almost a year to fix on PS4.

The master of all you survey and the slab one.

Thats odd. Skins and heads have always been per save file for me. I played since game came out.
Never had account wide unlocks from earl or for heads. Only guns and echo device.

I have 1 of each class with everything unlocked and mine carry over to alts of the same class.

Are you talking about missing trophies working, missing gear working or character save download working?

Yeah I’m not sure what your solution is for, but I never had the PS4 version installed on my PS5.
I still have my PS4 setup so I did all the save transfer stuff there.

So apparently even if you manage to transfer your character over, they don’t actually “work” on the PS5, at all.

If you are working on trophies on your PS5 for Bl3, they will not, under any circumstances, count if you work on them with a transferred character.

Arms Race trophies are not updating when you transfer a piece of loot to your bank for instance.

Get 20 cosmetics trophy from Earl is not updating if you purchase any of them with a transferred character.

So again, don’t plan on actually playing your old characters at all. They can’t even work towards your trophies after transferring.

Absolutely pathetic Gearbox. I suggest you fix this mess fast and test it completely before you release another patch. As in gear, guardian rank, characters, trophies transferred and trophies counting again.


Wow, that is unbelievably awful. And here, I still can’t even download my old character as the game always crashes when I try.

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