Upload/download saves not working

When I uploaded my saved file on the PS4, It says it was successful. (Moze/lvl65/M10)
When I download save file into my PS5, it says successful.
Yet, when I go to play. Moze’s weapon slot 3&4 are locked as well as the iridium slot. Slots 1&2 no longer have weapons in them and all but 3 weapons are gone.

I have checked and rechecked that the character I uploaded, was in fact fully loaded with everything open.
I deleted her off of the PS5. Tried re-uploading from one system to the other with no success…though it says it was.
I even tried uploading the file while playing BL3 (PS4 version) on the PS5. Then switching to BL3 (PS5 version) and then re-download the file. All to the same effect.

The problem here is that it was working fine at one point. 4 or 5 days ago, I had dl’d the file with success and had used that character to do a play through on the Guns&Tentacles. (I was farming the Renderer gun)

I accidentally re downloaded the same character file. At which point it should have just over written what I had accomplished.
Well, it did do that and removed the other stuff. OH YEAH!!! It removed the ability to travel to the dlc content as well. Like the planet, as well as the other dlc planets were no longer there.
Lol! But it shows up on the missions. Yet, when you click on it, there is no tracking diamond. Like I left off at the beginning of the cankerwood map.

Gearbox needs to fix this little issue.
Because the game otherwise, is flawless.

I had a similar experience. I filled out a ticket and they escalated it to the dev team. They are aware of the issue, maybe there is a patch incoming. I lost about 38 weapons between my bank and backpack on the transfer.

How did you create a ticket, if you don’t mind me asking?

Ok, thanks.