Uploading Multiple 360 Character to XB1

Before I mess things up by overwriting previous upload, can you upload multiple characters you have started on 360 without overwriting any previous character that was uploaded to XB1??? Can you perform multiple saves and not worry??? please help. i need my Characters from 360 to XB1. thank you all…****

You can transfer all of your characters to your X1; you just have to do them one-at-a-time. You can only have one in the cloud but you can have as many as you like in your console.

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I recently downloaded bl2 for Xbox 1 I have it for the 360. I tried cloud saving my character uploading it to the cloud save and then tried to download it on the one but there is no option for it to download when I go to cloud save.theres just the upload option and it shows that my character uploaded . Why can’t I download

The menus in game are specifically for transferring savss between the 360 and Handsome Collection versions of the game. (I believe this was necessary because of a change in the way save files are handled on XB1 native compared to 360).

To use your saves in the backwards-compatibility version of BL2 on XB1, you will need to move or copy them to the Cloud Sync storage on your 360. Once you’ve done that, they should be sync’d to your XB1 when you launch the backwards compatible BL2 game. You can access BL1 saves from 360 to XB1 compatibility mode in the same way.

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So I can’t do it unless I have the actual HANDSOMEJACK COLLECTION. Not just bl2

That’s not what I said. I said that the in-game “Upload” menu is ONLY for transferring to the Handsome Collection version of the game.

If you have the Games with Gold version of BL2, you will need to enable your Cloud Save folder on your 360 (if you haven’t done so already), and move your BL2 saves into that folder manually. Then, when you launch the GwG BL2 version on XB1 you should see it syncing your saves, which should then be available in the game in the normal manner.


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Well explained as usual. When did you become COMMUNITY BADASS? I remember throwing it out there rather recently that you should be one and why are you not? Was this a recent thing, or did you just not list it on your tag?

Last week. There’s actually a whole separate section for the posts.

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