Uploading screen shots from XBox One

Anyone have any idea on how to upload screen shots and vids made with the Upload Studio to a website (this one in particular)? Any links you could provide would be helpful. Thanks…

Just upload anything you want to either Xbox Live (if you have Windows 10) or Onedrive. You can do this without using upload studio, you can do it via the Game DVR section.

Still working with Win7 unfortunately. Will the Onedrive option work though?

Yes, you access it on the console, go to Game DVR and select whatever you want to upload and press A. You should see the option to Upload to OneDrive.

Windows 10 just makes it easier because it has an Xbox App built in, so once it’s uploaded to Live you can download it from the app, but it isn’t essential :slight_smile:

For screen shots, I sign into XBox Live via my laptop, navigate to my profile, and then grab the pictures through my browser.

For video, after uploading you’ll find your content on xboxdvr.com. I haven’t figured out whether I need to set up a separate account for that or not (haven’t had much luck logging in :frowning: ) but you can search by gamer tag:


Then I simply find the video I want, copy the link, and paste it straight into the editor. Which reminds me, I need to edit and upload my Fallout 4 clip.

Thanks- I’ll try it and see what happens…

Ive been trying to learn more about uploading stuff lately ,and I found something that might be useful to anyone else doing the same.
I couldn’t find a load of screenshots I’d made by going on to my captures , but when I went on to the community share part I found them.
Ive mooched around the settings but I cant figure why they dont show up in “my profile”.