UPR gear attributes need work

Let me list the problems and their related gear.

Subtle: Shield Pen for 15 sec after destroying a buildable
Available on: Wrench, Max Shield, Reload Speed, Shard Generator, Shield Delay, Shield Recharge

Tough: Damage Reduction 15 seconds after recovering from CC effects
Available on: Healing Received, Healing Power, Health Regen, Max Health

Strategist’s: Same stat for 15 sec after destroying a buildable
Available on: Wrench, Max Shield, Shard Generator, Shield Delay, Shield Recharge

Trooper’s: Same stat for 60 sec after spawning
Available on: Healing Received, Healing Power, Health Regen, Max Health

Let’s break these down.

Subtle/Strategist’s both have the issue of being too situational. There just aren’t enough buildables to make a meaningful use of this, especially for 10 seconds. I’d have to test it to be 100% sure, but I think it takes longer than 15 seconds for the neutral buildables to “respawn”, negating the obvious use of “I’ll destroy that turret, then build it myself for cheap with this Strategist’s Wrench”. This window should be significantly longer, perhaps 45 seconds.

Tough (and Veteran’s). 15 seconds after RECOVERING from CC effects. The timer should start as soon as you are affected by CC effects. Damage reduction, or whatever, is something you want to kick in as soon as you get stunned, slowed, etc, not after you’re all better.

And my biggest complaint:


. Talk about completely useless. It takes like 30 seconds to run to the front line on Incursion. Guess what you don't need during that time. That's right, any of the available options. I could maybe see the use of this crappy attribute if it were on boots or sprint speed. Hell, even Buildable Cost, CDR, or Bonus Shards. But no.

What do I propose? Since I’m writing up the rest of this, I might as well…

  1. Rework “Trooper’s” entirely. The effect is stupid.
  2. If you have to keep it, put it on movement items, the shard generator and buildable cost
  3. Tough (and Veteran’s)
  4. should activate at the start of a CC effect, not the end.
  5. The gear use with these should work with the effect. Health Regen, Shield Delay, Max Shield, Healing Received, etc
  6. Subtle/Strategist’s
  7. Increase time from 15 to 30 seconds (or more)
  8. Consider if the gear that these qualities map to are appropriate.

Good analysis and strong points.

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Thanks! I could probably do one of these for each faction, but the “Trooper’s” gear really gets on my nerves with how useless it is. Especially compared to something like The LLC rare Wrench item:

[quote=Overseer’s M.R. Skeleton Key]
-21% Buildable Cost
-14% Buildable Cost for 30 seconds after buying a buildable

924 Shards[/quote]

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Trooper should do my favourite thing, “same stat after surviving 180 seconds”

I fully agree on the situational usefulness of UPR gear. The buildable-wrecking ones are pretty much worthless in PvE, just not enough enemy turrets at all (I’d kinda like to see more strategically-fortified enemies in the DLC Operations, I suppose) and the Trooper’s really ONLY has substantial use in PvE, and then only in the conditions that you’re respawning in a big fight or boss engagement where the spawn is close to the action. I could see it MAYBE being useful in Heliophage once Nix or Rendain start clogging the center landing zone with a bazillion Thrall Brutes, but that’s about it.

Thinking thematically, the UPR is the “tactical” organization, obviously, and they view soldiers as expendable (which is why they don’t, and probably never will have, a “true healer,” or maybe anyone at all with the Support type) but the Trooper’s trigger definitely needs re-thought.

IMO, the “desperation” trigger of being under a certain amount of health should be UPR as opposed to Eldrid. But only for damage or building effects, maybe. The UPR would absolutely want their disposable troops to go out in a blaze of glory if they’re going out. “Don’t you dare die until you build that turret, soldier!”

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FYI, Ernest’s details leaked (were released early on accident) and he’s a buffer. Support with no healing.

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Yeah, I saw the deets actually, but pretty sure his “character type” was listed as Defender, not Support.

He’s “support-ey” (and I love it) but I don’t know if he’ll actually be labeled Support.

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Yo OP…Wow! :sunny:

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I don’t remember, but he’s probably not labeled support. Cuz the UPR doesn’t really have a support.

I love it when I find stuff out and can share it with others. It sucks when I find stuff out and can’t share it with others.

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Entirely agreed. Another option for Trooper is to let it trigger on teleporting back as well, which could definitely see a use on the higher health Battleborn that’ll opt to teleport back instead of healing up more often - but it definitely also needs a duration increase to hope to be useful.

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