Upr gear pack only spits out credit

(jinsung kim) #1

I’m only getting credit from nearly 100 packs, even though I haven’t got all the upr’s taunt or skins. All upr gear pack series (even Commander pack) only spits out credit… I don’t have all the upr skin or taunts. (For example, I don’t have Oscar Mike’s taunt, RE: your neck.) Even though there are fewer people playing this game, I really love this game, so I want to collect all the taunts and skins. I want gearbox to solve it.

I’ve never received this much credit in a different pack to call it simple luck. I collected all the skins except this Oscar’s taunt(RE:your neck) :frowning:
I love oscar mike… give meeeeeeeee

(How much time do we have?) #2

Unfortunately, the RNG that determines what’s in the pack doesn’t take into account what you already have before it rolls. So if it keeps rolling for taunts and skins you already have, it just reimburses you through credit. I honestly doubt that this will change at this point in time, given how long it’s been since the game received active support in the form of patches.

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