UPR Loot Pack Opening Question

So I have been opening a lot of UPR Loot Packs every time I have enough and I believe I still have about 4 skins I haven’t unlocked yet. However, since the last like 15 packs I opened, I have been getting nothing but gear and coins. Is my luck just bad right now, or is there a certain point when you stop getting skins and taunts?

Definitely good runs.

Lucky you, I never got a skin from a non-commander pack.

Really? How many have you opened?

40, possibly more. They just don’t drop. I got a taunt for marquis and el dragon, aka two battleborn that I never play.

Edit: actually, I think those were from the commander packs as well.

If you’re getting credits that means you found a duplicate of a skin/taunt that you already have.


If you get at least half the price pack back when you get duplicates, but the credits it’s so low

This. I’ve been purchasing UPR packs hoping for new skins, but have only been getting credits and gear here lately. I think maybe having a skins & taunts pack might be a good idea; maybe price them at half the amount since they don’t contain any game affecting equipment.

I have a similar yet entirely different issue with rogues packs. I get skins. For the few characters I don’t use. I’ve never used Reyna, ever. I think I have every unlockable skin and taunt for her though.

Really? How do you know about this? So basically if I get a duplicate, it becomes a coin bonus?