URad should be Changed back

Make it 125% Radiation damage and not 150% But it can NOT stay at 100% because it’s useless.

Understand that people are abusing ASE/ASS to always have 100% any element they want so would would you put yourself below 50% Health for 100% Rad damage?

  • 150%
  • 125%
  • 100%

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It’s shocking how many useless anointments in the game and instead of buffing them the Nerf the good ones :confused:


Various things in this game should be “changed back”.


I wish there was an ‘Indifference’ option…

Been playing URad Moze & Fl4k for a hot minute, and even after the nerf, there is no big change in damage…and the benefits are still there (ie, anointment never turns off, enemies explode and kill other enemies, etc) as long as your build is good…

So honestly, I’m not even sure.


I agree with @WxndaBread - I am indifferent to this. This is from someone who uses almost exclusively Urad on Fl4k, who is my main. Urad is just fine as is, but if they increased it back to something higher than 100%, I’d be fine with that too, but I seriously doubt my build or overall DPS/TTK would change very much at all. There are lots of things that compensate for the 50% loss in rad damage - like 7 more skill points, for example.


Completely :roll_eyes:

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It’s honestly not that big a deal. With 70 skill points, and easily obtainable OP gear, it’s harder to make a bad build than a good one now.

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We really have an interesting definition of “useless” around here these days, hah.


Urad is still good tho. It still is global and benefits everything other than IB/IC, pets and clone.

So because it has this Global effect it instantly makes it’s fine?

Um, yes? You never saw what urad does on a grenade build? Terror cryo is in the same boat, and that one is even lower at 75%. Urad on a good build is still good. Cutting 50% away doesn´t change that.


Something more significant than a difference of 25% between “useless” and “acceptable”.

Hey, remember jumping and sliding Anoints?

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Definitely (NOT) useless anointments.
Sentinel Fire-rate/ Reload would be OK on a gun that doesn’t need anointments anyway? So yea just don’t use it

Another one!

Also not sure why this is a thing

If ASE Splash remains at 125% there is literally no logical reason to have any other anoint less than 125%. Splash is multiplicative inside EVERY damage formula in BL3 and takes part in nearly every instance of double dipping yet remains as the highest bonus of any generic anoint.

URad not only is less powerful than ASE Splash 125, but also invites a much lower survivability. That isn’t to say that URad isn’t still viable, but IMO the reward isn’t greater than the risk now when compared to other anoints.


100% agree with ya!

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The biggest issue that I have with the Urad nerf is that there was absolutely no reason to reduce the bonus from 150% to 100% this late in the game’s cycle. If Urad had just been created, or otherwise just buffed to 150% in say the last few weeks and screwed up some sort of pre-existing balance that would be one thing. But it has been at this level for roughly a year now at least. The only reason why GBX changed this is because they didn’t like how some players were choosing to play BL3 after they released the fourth skill tree (behind a pay wall) and so wanted to penalize players using generic anointments in an attempt to force a change in those players’ playstyle to one of GBX’ choosing - i.e. character-specific anointments. They even admit it in their BORDERLANDS 3 UPDATE AND HOTFIXES: JUNE 24, 2021 article:

With the introduction of the final level cap increase, we determined this was the best time to make changes to the current Anointment meta. We have found that a few character-agnostic Anointments were proving to be the go-to for all characters and builds. With the changes we are making today, we’re hoping to see character-specific Anointments become meta, rewarding players for building into their character tree and Action Skills even more so than before. We will be monitoring community feedback very closely as we anticipate there will be a lot of discussion surrounding this topic. We will make further adjustments to these changes as deemed necessary.

So exactly how does nerfing character-agnostic Anointments “reward” players for building into their character tree and Action Skills even more so than before? It doesn’t. It penalizes players for not buying into GBX’ version of an appropriate gaming meta. But they are trying to spin this as a “reward”. So not only are they trying to control player’s choices instead of simply providing more equivalent options to allow the players themselves to decide, they are also trying to get us to believe they are somehow rewarding players by taking something away. Sorry, but that is not a reward. It is a penalty. It is patronizing enough that they are trying to tell me what playstyle I should be using but to then double-down by disguising the penalty as a reward is just plain insulting.

Gearbox, if you are monitoring feedback closely, then I hope you are listening. Stop trying to control the meta. You can’t. Players will always do whatever they want and it will rarely coincide with what you think is appropriate. If you truly want to influence players’ behavior in a positive way, then stick to offering positive incentives (i.e. buffs) for the things you want players to use and stop nerfing things that are long out of the testing phase and are now fully operationalized.


I mean I’d rather have more ways of being OP than the opposite, but from what I’ve been reading this Urad nerf didn’t really… Change the outcome of anyones builds, they still kill things just as fast?
Like, 150% Urad or 7 extra skill points? I’m thinking the skill points more than made up for the dps.


I’ve been rolling with a urad setup on Amara since this time last year. The nerf hasn’t changed how fast I kill. In fact, the additional skill points, and the increase in slide speed from going from lvl 65 to 72 has actually helped me kill faster.

This is my fastest run on TMT to date, after the newest nerfs/skill points:


I like how the gear isn’t shown.

Maybe because using a Ghost Call & Plasma coil lmfao?

Great example